Sunday, 30 May 2010

We love the Worcestershire countryside (part 2)

Ooops forgot these.
Check website for more photos

We love the Worcestershire countryside

And what a great Hash on a glorious Thursday night in Menith Wood!

Hash Quack promised us an interesting and delightful FOUR MILE Hash!!!

Yes, the weather and countryside was great and the hills never ending. But 4 miles, I don't think so, nearer 7 or 8 at a guess. And that final hill back to the Cross Keys was improved by a great pint in the pub afterwards.

Then down to HQ's for some wonderful food. I definitely ate too much. Many thanks Rachel for a great evening.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Malvern 10K Wednesday 16 June 2010

Why not run the Malvern 10K this year over the rolling countryside of Castle Morton Common. It must be fun, even Lassie ran it last year!
Full details on Malvern Joggers website