Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Park Gate, Kidderminster

Warn out at the first Hash Halt
And yes we do some running!

# 204
Date: Thursday 28th June
Pub: The Park Gate, Kidderminster
Beers: Banks, Marstons & a n other
Food: 2 for 1 off the menu
Visitors: none
Virgins: none
Hare: Cleopatra

Trail: Another spectacular storm this morning a-Nile-ated the trail, (which might as well have been laid in milk) resulting in Cleopatra having to re-lay it at the last minute.  25 hashers and half a dozen hounds set off into the evening sunshine with high asp-irations but Lassie was tripped before we’d even left the car park!  A lovely, albeit muddy, run through Hurcott Woods with seats and sweets at the first HH.  A cunning retracing of steps back down to Hurcott Lane and down into Blakedown, with a welcome refreshment stop at another mummy’s house.  Cutting back along the side of Churchill Golf Club, back along Waggon Lane and a long, steady descent to the on-inn.

Down downs: awarded by Doggy Fashion to Cleopatra for her beautiful hash; Lassie for falling and for his Sharapova-style wailing at every oncoming car; Cinderella for falling in the mud – obviously still sleep-deprived after her recent prom night; the unknown soldier who asked Hard On if he wore padding; and finally to Tits or Treats for being asked to put her buns away.
Hot Lips

Next week: Brookfield House, Lowe Lane, Kidderminster plus summer BBQ
Hash weekend 12th-14th October 2012 at Kington, Herefordshire
Hash weekend 25th-27th January 2013 at Wilderhope Manor, Much Wenlock, Shropshire

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Kremlin Inn, Clee Hill

# 203
Date: Thursday 21st June
Pub: The Kremlin Inn, Clee Hill
Beers: Hobsons, Ludlow Gold
Food: basket meals, jacket potatoes, sandwiches etc off the menu
Visitors: none
Virgins: Karen
Hares: Game Bird and The Amateur

Trail: Nice weather for ducks!  Hash Quack was in her element and managed to score herself a down down before we’d even set off tonight!  27 hashers this evening, for an enthusiastic climb to the top of Titterstone Clee Hill, particularly for Crossdresser who was way out front for most of the way.  A very boggy run, with lots of uneven ground and sheep droppings to negotiate.  The first hash halt was at a hanging tree (?), the second halt at Trig Point, where it was noticed there was a distinct lack of supplies from our Hash Confectioner tonight - possibly due to the distinct lack of pockets in his running kit?  A bit of sunshine and a breathtaking view from the top; some local knowledge (rumour) from the Amateur about the Clee Hills being the highest land eastwards of the Ural Mountains in Russia, hence the pub’s name (…well, he IS known as The Amateur).  Winding back down, with a few treacherous descents to the third halt.  Lots of lovely big puddles on the way back and lots of big splashes made.  Even the sheep seemed to be cheering us on!

Doggy Fashion awarded down downs to Game Bird and The Amateur for their wonderful hash; Hash Quack (Dr Nibbles) for baring her DA in the car pack at the start; Who’s The Daddy for jingling his coppers; virgin - Karen (there seems to be a pattern forming here with each of our recent virgins starting out with an epic hash!); and finally, Copulation for his new (miniscule) socks & shoes, which were still glowing brightly when we got back.

Hot Lips

Next week: The Park Gate, Kidderminster

The New Inn, Shrawley


Date:  Thursday, 14th June
Pub: The New Inn
Food: Off the menu (very slow-cooked spaghetti Bolognese a speciality)
Beers: Wye Valley HPA and Bewdley Brewery Senior School
Hare: Wrong
Virgins: Shelly’s dog
Visitors: Drag Queen

The New Inn describes itself on its website as a dog friendly pub, so it seemed like the perfect setting for dog-lover Wrong to hold his latest hash (see #200).  Some of the 25 or so hashers chose to surprise the hare by turning up in canine-themed fancy dress on a very wet and cold misdsummer’s eve.  There was no need for that insect repellent! The muddy trail was nearly all off road and there were so many hash halts, it was mentioned that Wrong may have been going for some kind of world record.

Doggy Fashion awarded down-downs to hare Wrong for his ‘Who let the dogs out’ hash; to Drag Queen for having the biggest doggy tail; to Shelly for her virgin dog;  to Angie for her spectacular fall over a branch and of course, to Roberto for not only cocking his leg, but handing out treats afterwards – ew!

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Cleopatra (Guest Blogger!)

Next week: The Kremlin, Clee Hill

Friday, 8 June 2012

Kidderminster Cricket club


Date: Thursday 7th June
Pub: Kidderminster Cricket Club
Food: Hot pork sandwiches or veggie burgers and chips
Beers: Tribute, Guinness, Thatchers  Pimms cocktail
Hares: Hot Lips, Doggy Fashion (& Cyclopath)
Virgins: Anna & Cameron
Visitors: none

Trail: Well, with 3 hares: one who helped to lay the trail but didn’t run it, another who hadn’t a clue where she was, the other only looking forward to the booze and then the inclement weather, it was amazing there was any trail at all!  Then, even more amazingly, 25 hashers made the effort to come along.  A much milder 4 mile trail (after last week’s marathon), although, with some of the markings being washed away, it made it an interesting one!  The first hash halt was missed completely (apparently due to mis-marking, however, please refer to rule number one of hashing).  From Offmore, down into Hurcott Woods, where after consuming some Jubilee Pimms at the 2nd hash halt, one of the hares completely forgot where she was going and followed the majority on the wrong trail.  The hare who knew where to go, led a select few along the correct route, hoping that all would be ok in the end (a head count at an additional halt proved there was no need to worry).  Some more slick remarkings, as the trail looped back over some common ground (again making up the rules as we go along!)  A final halt next to one of the hares houses enabled disrobing of the rucksack & a goodnight kiss for her kids.  The hare with no clue finally recognized the route on the home straight - hooray!  Some extended Jubilee celebration games followed back at the Cricket club…

Jubilee quiz winners: “It’s a Fiona” and “The Warriors” in joint 3rd place (6/10) but the winners were “I Like a Man in Uniform” with 7/10 – there were no prizes.

Flapping Royals game winners: Duncan  (children’s round), Tits or Treats (women’s round), Leanne was disqualified for “scooching” (whatever that may be) – again, no prizes, so it’s probably not important that I don’t know who won the men’s round!

Down downs: awarded by the GM (as the RA was one of the hares) to Hot Lips and Doggy Fashion, he also loved the fact that they didn’t seem to have a clue!  The 2 virgins, Anna & Cameron; Duncan, Rosie & Tommie (who also finished first and did some impressive splashing) for being excellent junior hashers; for the 2 even younger children who joined us later & had been practicing their singing; Al for his headphones; Richard – who is now known as Hash Flash Splash for his entrance onto the car park this evening!  A special mention to Doggy Fashion as she was overheard in conversation with Hot Lips who asked her if she had any jugs for the Pimms in the woods “I don’t have any decent jugs!”

Hot Lips

Next week: The New Inn at Shrawley
Hash weekend:  12th-14th October – see Doggy Fashion or Game Bird for details

Monday, 4 June 2012

The Duke William, Callow Hill

# 200

Date: Thursday 31st May
 Pub: The Duke William
 Food: Off the menu (but mostly scampi & chips!)
 Beers: Banks’s Mild, Banks’s Bitter, EPA, Thatchers Heritage cider
 Hare: Hash Quack
 Virgins: Al & Richard
 Visitors: Bob’ll Fix It & Anthrax

Trail: Usual Hash Quack style: on on!.. and on.. and on.. and on…                                   about 30 hashers, most of whom were in some sort of patriotic fancy dress, for a combined HRH/HHH3 anniversary celebration!  A mostly off-road run, down through parts of the forest never seen before, with a few minor obstacles such as brambles, bracken and bogs.  It was good to see the Saint back on his feet again this evening but the new bionic knee didn’t hold up for long – hope it’s OK.  Wrong felt wronged at the number of four-legged friends and left soon after the run with his hackles up.  5 hash halts this evening (yes, it was THAT long!) but despite the lengthy hash, one of the virgins still managed to keep up with the FRBs – well done that man!

Doggy Fashion awarded down-downs to the hare and her husband for the longest hash… (since their last one); the 2 virgins; Who’s the Daddy for socks worse than Spotted Dick’s and a drinks spillage; and Fiona, who was named Cinderella after losing one of her shoes.  A special mention for the dogs, particularly the unruly Charlie, who seemed to try to take down as many runners as possible, including our RA!!
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Hot Lips

Next week: Kidderminster Cricket Club (Chester Road Sports & Social Club)         with very Great British fun & games afterwards