Friday, 8 June 2012

Kidderminster Cricket club


Date: Thursday 7th June
Pub: Kidderminster Cricket Club
Food: Hot pork sandwiches or veggie burgers and chips
Beers: Tribute, Guinness, Thatchers  Pimms cocktail
Hares: Hot Lips, Doggy Fashion (& Cyclopath)
Virgins: Anna & Cameron
Visitors: none

Trail: Well, with 3 hares: one who helped to lay the trail but didn’t run it, another who hadn’t a clue where she was, the other only looking forward to the booze and then the inclement weather, it was amazing there was any trail at all!  Then, even more amazingly, 25 hashers made the effort to come along.  A much milder 4 mile trail (after last week’s marathon), although, with some of the markings being washed away, it made it an interesting one!  The first hash halt was missed completely (apparently due to mis-marking, however, please refer to rule number one of hashing).  From Offmore, down into Hurcott Woods, where after consuming some Jubilee Pimms at the 2nd hash halt, one of the hares completely forgot where she was going and followed the majority on the wrong trail.  The hare who knew where to go, led a select few along the correct route, hoping that all would be ok in the end (a head count at an additional halt proved there was no need to worry).  Some more slick remarkings, as the trail looped back over some common ground (again making up the rules as we go along!)  A final halt next to one of the hares houses enabled disrobing of the rucksack & a goodnight kiss for her kids.  The hare with no clue finally recognized the route on the home straight - hooray!  Some extended Jubilee celebration games followed back at the Cricket club…

Jubilee quiz winners: “It’s a Fiona” and “The Warriors” in joint 3rd place (6/10) but the winners were “I Like a Man in Uniform” with 7/10 – there were no prizes.

Flapping Royals game winners: Duncan  (children’s round), Tits or Treats (women’s round), Leanne was disqualified for “scooching” (whatever that may be) – again, no prizes, so it’s probably not important that I don’t know who won the men’s round!

Down downs: awarded by the GM (as the RA was one of the hares) to Hot Lips and Doggy Fashion, he also loved the fact that they didn’t seem to have a clue!  The 2 virgins, Anna & Cameron; Duncan, Rosie & Tommie (who also finished first and did some impressive splashing) for being excellent junior hashers; for the 2 even younger children who joined us later & had been practicing their singing; Al for his headphones; Richard – who is now known as Hash Flash Splash for his entrance onto the car park this evening!  A special mention to Doggy Fashion as she was overheard in conversation with Hot Lips who asked her if she had any jugs for the Pimms in the woods “I don’t have any decent jugs!”

Hot Lips

Next week: The New Inn at Shrawley
Hash weekend:  12th-14th October – see Doggy Fashion or Game Bird for details

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