Monday, 30 July 2012

Sun & Slipper, Mamble


Date: Thursday 26th July
Pub: Sun & Slipper, Mamble
Food: Beef & Vegetable pie, Sausages & Chips, Vege Stroganoff & Pasta, Vege Samosas
Beers: Good choice
Hares: Hard On, Italian Job & Bristols
Visitors: none
Virgins: none

Trail Not a hint of rain when we were called to order by the GM on a very hot and sultry evening. Jungle formula anti fly spray was passed around as we were briefed by the hares. It seemed that Hard On had passed on his duties to Italian Job and snubbed Bristols completely. Approx 20 Hashers with 4 dogs and only one child set off on what we were told was a 4.8 mile hash. For the front runners about 6 miles and about 5 miles for the more normal hashers, of hilly running. At one stage the bracken was more than 6 feet tall, definitely " A Jungle Hash". We were treated to even better refreshments than usual with Pimms & Lemonade & ICE cubes, beer and soft drinks at the 2nd halt. There was a distinct lack of checks at the beginning and no sign of the "On Inn" at the end . Also the Hash had a "Hug Theme" Roberto what was this all about? A great run was enjoyed by all except the RA who only appeared at the pub after the run for the 2nd week in a row.
Plentiful and tasty food was enjoyed by all, with Lassie enjoying 3rds but Copulation 4ths!! Crossdresser even managed to clear his plate after 2nds, well done mate. And we sat outside!
Doggy fashion awarded Down downs to Hard On and Italian Job. Even though she hadn’t attended, she could guess that Hard On’s hash was going to be disorganized and chaotic and that her leg injury was probably for the best. Another Down down was awarded to Clodhopper as Boris once again showed himself as the canine alpha male this time with his swimming prowess.
Richard (the stripper at the Slipper) created much excitement. Shag’s wishful thinking heard the word strip not trip when being told of Richard’s near tumble.

Finally, the RA thought she had missed all the action but was greeted in the car park by Cross Dresser’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’ – a wild and remote area known to be responsible for the downfall of many a sailor.

Lassie (guest editor, or was it guess editor)
Next week: The Queens Head, Wolverley

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Bridge, Tibberton

# 208
Date: Thursday 19th July
Pub: The Bridge, Tibberton
Food: Buffet (sandwiches, chicken drumsticks etc)

Beers: Banks’s mild, Banks’s Bitter, Cocker Hoop, Strongbow
Hares: Who’s the Daddy & Tough Love (although Tough Love’s sister helped instead)

Visitors: none
Virgins: none

Trail: Bring on Wyre Forest H3’s very own mud runner oblivion marathon number 2!  Who’s the Daddy has obviously been taking tips from Hash Quack.    18 adults, 3 kids and 5 dogs set off for what was advertised as a 5 mile run. (Copulation clocked up 8.5…)  Starting out along the canal and up through the lanes where Doggy Fashion soon had to retire due to a pulled muscle (from kiting in flip flops) and it wasn’t long before one of the gents went back to keep her company…  The rest of us squelched through fields of mud, avoiding cattle, horses, thistles and electric fences.  More fields of rotting crops, marshland, muddy trails and a spectacularly waterlogged false trail in Trench Woods.  We’ll all end up with trench foot at this rate!  A lovely, lengthy run and it was almost dark by the time we got back to the on-inn!

Despite ducking out of tonight’s hash, Doggy Fashion met us back at the Bridge and awarded down-downs to Who’s the Daddy and Tough Love for the muddiest hash ever (was it cruel to give Tough Love an empty glass?) - there might be some competition between theirs and Hash Quack’s hashes – watch out everyone!  Penelope Pitstop and Lost Skywalker for needing to be carried across one particular puddle; Trenchfoot not only for his dashing suit but also for dropping chilli sauce onto Doggy Fashion’s foot; and finally for Game Bird after hearing that she was chased by a herd of cows, causing her to run into the smelly stuff!

Hot Lips

This Sunday: Hash Quack is meeting with the Triathlon juniors for a cycle through the woods.  Meet at the Wyre Forest visitor centre at 11am, all welcome!

Next week: The Sun & Slipper, Mamble

Monday, 16 July 2012

Family Hash Wolverley

#207 (Family Hash)

Date: Sunday 15th July 2012, 11am
Venue: Brookfield House, Wolverley
Food & drink: BBQ (homemade sausages and burgers), wine, beer & soft drinks, homemade cakes
Hares: Darth Radar, Clodhopper & Hopscotch

9 adults, 9 kids and 2 dogs turned out for a lovely DRY run at last - hooray!!!!  A great route with loads of stingers, loads of mud and the hash halts renamed as Haribo Halts!  Starting out through the lanes of Wolverley along to Low Habberley, with a little shortcutting from Hopscotch and Cleopatra – tut tut!

Down into Habberley Valley with a longer run for the energetic legs and a designated shortcut for the tired little legs.  The junior hashers then raced to the top of Pecketts rock, leaving the grown-ups fretting on the slippy sandstone below, although the footholes ensured that everyone climbed up eventually!

Out of the valley, running back along a path full of stinging nettles - I think Lost Skywalker and Windy Miller clocked up the most stings!  A couple of muddy cattle and horse fields to negotiate before ending up back at Brookfield House.  A refreshing dip in the pool with lots of fun & frolics, followed by Clodhopper’s homemade BBQ’d sausages & burgers –deeelicious! A highlight for the children was feeding the pigs (ready for next year’s BBQ?)

Crossdresser awarded down-downs to Darth Radar, Hopscotch and Clodhopper for their super hash, super food, super pool and super hospitality – thank you very much!  Darth Radar was noted for being a front-running hare – not a typical style, but then, there are no rules in this game!  Hopscotch and Cleopatra for their shortcutting (as adults, they really should know better!) For first-timers Chris, Caleb and Maya – well done!  3 girls were named this afternoon: Ellie & Lauren as Thing 1 and Thing 2 and Maya as Sleeping Beauty (for spending most of the hash on mum’s/Clodhopper’s shoulders and actually saying she’d rather be in bed!)  We need more family hashes – particularly if the sun is going to shine like this! : )

Hot Lips

P.S. my legs are still tingling from those nettles!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Bridge, Stanford Bridge

# 206

Date: Thursday 12th July
Pub: The Bridge, Stanford Bridge
Hare: Hash Quack
Food: Very yummy meat & veggie chilli with rice, chips and jackets
Beers: Hobsons Twisted Spire, Enville Ginger, Robinsons cider
Visitors: none
Virgins: none

The Bridge which produced great food once again and great BEER

Not that it was wet What a strange one!!

Very wet

And muddy too

Trail: Only 12 hashers and 3 dogs on this very wet summers evening.  A much shorter trail tonight from our marathon hasher with a slow start (we struggled to get motivated out of the car park) but spirits were raised along the way despite the rain.  We waded through soggy cornfields, splished through marshland, splashed through fields of smelly rotting crops, skidded across a bridge and squelched through a lot of mud!  3 quick halts, with just enough time for Hard On’s confectionary and a lovely downhill back to the on-inn.

Down downs: Doggy Fashion awarded them to Hash Quack for her very own mudrunner oblivion hash; Wrong for actually finishing the trail (he even stayed for food too!); and Well Laid for her graceful fall.  Of course, Hard On gets his weekly mention…

Hot Lips

This Sunday: Family Hash at 11am from Brookfield House
Next week: The Bridge Inn, Tibberton

Sunday, 8 July 2012

B......... House, Lowe Lane, Kidderminster

And how did the injury happen you may ask. Not running of course, but hit by a toy helicopter in the swimming pool afterwards!

Captain Caveman doing his thing


Date:  Thursday, 5th July
Pub: Clodhopper’s house
Food: Fantastic home-grown sausage risotto, blue cheese risotto, Game Bird’s yummy cheesecake and other Morrisons desserts
Beers: Cans
Hares: Clodhopper and Cinderella
Virgins: None
Visitors: Drag Queen

After we’d finally decided what number hash it was (thank you, Berto, for stepping into Crossdresser’s shoes) we set off on a fairly muddy trail from the Starkies’ towards Habberley Valley.  Unfortunately Cinderella couldn’t be there for the hash as she was busy doing her silver D of E, but they had added a few sneaky twists and turns to their trail earlier in the afternoon that were to keep us guessing.  There were no treats provided at the three hash halts so we all had to be rationed on Berto’s Polos and Softmints.

We were all totally spoilt, however, on returning to the Clodhopper residence with a crazy pool party.  Captain Caveman provided most of the entertainment with his circus act on the trapeze and it nearly all ended in tears when Tits or Treats had to have emergency surgery from Hash Quack as she mysteriously sustained an injury to her nose from a UFO.

After the delicious risottos provided by Alison and after demolishing Game Bird’s   cheesecake and other select desserts, there was an attempt to raise the tone with a game of croquet while Captain Caveman tried to injure himself on the trampoline.

Doggy Fashion awarded down-downs to hare Clodhopper for his lovely hash through the Kidderminster countryside; to Captain Caveman for replacing Berto as the new Hash Romeo with his advances on our RA herself, to Tits or Treats for her new Adam Ant style dressing on her poorly nose, to Alison for her scrumptious food and to Game Bird for her outstanding cheesecake.

After the down-downs we had a conference call with travelling hashers Crossdresser and Early Riser and friends on their road trip to watch the Tour de France.  They may be contenders for down-downs next week for getting themselves on the telly?

On on

Cleopatra (in Hot Lips’ absence)

Next week: The Bridge, Stanford Bridge