Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Live and Let Live, Neen Sollars

Hash 352
Date: Thursday 26th March 2015
Pub: The Live and Let Live, Neen Sollars
Beers: Three Tuns, Hobson's Best
Food: the best baps ever, chips and some puddings for the select few
Hares: Bristols & Golden Shower
Visitors/virgins: Guy and Imogen
Trail: Bristols' Beautiful Blue Moonlight Trail
The countryside looked stunningly beautiful as us paupers made our way from Kidderminium to Neen Sollars. There was a dusky blue glow shining over the trees and hills. We joined the 14 other hashers and 4 hash hounds. The GM had gone AWOL so the RA took the reins...
Bristols had used Waitrose's best gluten free flour, to prevent any tickles darling, it was 4.6 miles, 4 hash halts and off you jolly well go!
Down the road, over the first of many stiles and straight off into the countryside. A steep ascent and the first HH cleverly placed at the top but no sweets yet... Bristols was laying the law down here - "you've not even done a mile yet!" Crossdresser was warming his hands and found his own (& Shag's) sweets. Is this the origin of down downs?
The Amateur had been given the horn and kept shooting off in all directions (not all of them right). Crossdresser became envious that Clodhopper was wearing too many clothes whilst Annie dog kept getting her vest in a twist and the cattle grids confused Demon Dog...
The newbies were doing well, Guy already FRBing and trying to keep up with Comes First, whereas Imogen was simply enjoying the woodland.
Misty Vision's crystal ball was out of action tonight, she wasn't getting any premonitions but she knew she was going to have a good time.
A few more boggy, muddy fields before heading back onto the road & down to the last HH with panache, beers & Capri suns - very swanky!
There was talk of a shortcut back to the on inn and a few started to head that way but we talked them out of it only to climb yet another stile. We descended into thick mud and a dodgy conversation before Golden Shower brought us back on track.
The night had finally fallen as we made our way back to the on inn to be greeted with the best baps and chunky chips - salt & vinegar anyone?
Hot Lips x
Down downs were awarded by Crossdresser:
Great hash tonight. Everything you could want in a hash, mud, sweets, Panache and Shag's nuts
Bristols and Golden Shower - the poshest couple we know, well, Bristols at least.
Virgins. Guy and Imogen.
Comes First for Facebooking on the hash.
Gate climber. Hot lips.
Next week: The Mitre Oak, Crossway Green, DY13 9SG
"Spring has sprung" fancy dress

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Alma Tavern, Worcester

Hash #349

Date: Thursday 5th March 2015
Pub: The Alma Tavern, Worcester
Beers: Doom Bar, Adnams, Banks's Mild, John Smiths
Food: lasagne, chips, curry, rice & salad
Hare: Leg Over
Visitors/virgins: none

Trail: Leg Over's Where's Leg Over hash?

A good 20 or so plus a couple of hashlings and a couple of hash hounds turned out for this evening's hash. We missed a fancy dress opportunity with it being World Book Day but maybe that wasn't such a bad thing! 

The hare was out laying it live and had left it to Who's the Daddy to take charge of us as he (apparently) knew the route... He read out tonight's instructions, collected the dinner orders and sent us on our way.

The Amateur had spotted something on the way in but no one was really paying attention. He checked it out & called us on on anyway and of course, we followed. 

Lots of Tarmac this evening, weaving through the streets of worcester, a sprawling park run and back onto the streets again. We threw in an extra, preliminary hash halt as we'd momentarily lost the trail and the Pimp was eager to lighten his load.

Hunting back and forth down some back streets as Shag and Doggy Fashion discussed macs, Clodhopper had noticed the dichotomy between the short sleeved hashers and the overly dressed ones. I had misjudged the temperature but Kinky Boots was relieved to lend me one of her layers. 

Dr Whiplash found Frosty's car, the largest white mark of the evening, then Who's the Daddy found the black pears! Leg Over and Cleopatra were waiting patiently at the HH near the courts and the rest of us finally found them. The longest hash halt in history meant that far too many sweets were eaten, the Ruane boys had time to meet up for a chat and Who's the Daddy was still AWOL.

Leg Over was disappointed with the lack of sweets at the next HH (not realising we'd had extra halts) but we couldn't stop too long as we needed to get back soon for tea.

All in all, a lovely unmuddy hash, slightly chaotic, and our lost boy was found back at the on inn on his second pint!

Down downs were awarded by Crossdresser to:

Legover for his hash that scattered us all over Worcester and only turning up for the 2nd half of it 
Who's the daddy for getting lost - was this a tactical game?
The Pimp for also getting lost & "losing" the sweets
Doggy Fashion for rehousing otters
Lost Skywalker for volunteering to be a modern day chimney sweep
Clodhopper for lending his hash his huskey to Lost Skywalker to help pull his weary legs around - Jasper took off and nearly pulled the hashling off his feet!

Hot Lips x

Next week: The Bridge, Stanford Bridge, WR6 6RU

Monday, 12 January 2015

The Ancient Sher E Punjab, Combertonium Hill, the main Roman road out of Kidderminium (near the historic steam railway)

Hash 341 (CCCXLI)
Date: Thursday 8th January 2015 AD (VIII/I/MMXV)
Venue: The Ancient Sher E Punjab, Combertonium Hill, the main Roman road out of Kidderminium (near the historic steam railway)
Beers: Cobra
Food: poppadoms & chosen main course
Live hare: Crossus Dresserus
Visitors/virgins: Cinderella & Michelle
Trail: Crossdresser's magical mystery & history tour of the Roman settlement of Kidderminium
What an exciting occasion this is! The message was out, we were all to meet outside the ancient ruin of Tesco on Combertonium Hill for Game Birda to enlighten us with tonight's hash rules. A bona fide live hare - hashus mirabilis!
About 20 gathered round, exchanging Annum Faustum wishes, chattering about holidays and plans for this coming annum. Some had spied some new footwear but instead the glory was taken with Dr Jeckyll's new found facts that bees are attracted to purple and yellow flowers and that moths are attracted to white or heavily scented flowers - amazing!
Who's the Daddius finally introduced Game Birda, the rules were explained, food orders were taken and we were sent off in search of the trail - felicitas!
Starting off through the cherry orchard, the little known Kidderminium garden of fruits, leading up to the colossal architecture of Offmore road, another Roman road through the settlement. A little confusion around these parts but the sight of public buildings beckoned and we found our way along Lorne Street, Villiers Street and heading towards Combertonium Road, where it is told that the more majestic of the buildings are equipped with under-floor heating systems known as hypocausts.
Ascending Hill Grove Crescent where the monumental architecture could be observed and the chatterings of many excitable hashers could be heard.
Towards the footbridge over the modern railway, near the Victorian steam railway and to the first HH where we were most surprised to be lavished with juicy sweets. A quick pit stop before heading upwards towards the games stadium where hordes of spectators still gather most weekends.
Down to another Roman road where chariots pass, finding the love chair and a chance for a photo opportunity. Down again to the mosaic-tiled walls of the underpass, with its brightly coloured murals and frescos. Here we met up with the hare who couldn't wait to run his course again!
Through the lower town of Kidderminium, past the museum of carpet, running now with a backdrop of Victorian buildings. The abundance of underwater pools helped make the township famous for its carpet industry during the 19th and 20th centuries.
To the 2nd HH at the historic Watermill, up through Brintons park and gardens where Kidderminium's finest yoots were on hand to guide us along the right path back out again, along a road of more very grand buildings and towards where the Roman public baths once welcomed the people of Kidderminium.
Another hurried hash halt (Who's the Daddius was wanting his tea), past the old Victorian hospital, back towards the town and the grand church of St Mary's, past the beautiful buildings in church street to the modern part of town where the modern health service crisis was under Great Clodhoppus' review.
Past the Glades Colosseum in all its glory, down to Ye Olde Boar's Head Taphouse, picking up the trail for the on inn, taking us back through the mosaic-walled underpass and to the end of the 6 mile run on terra firma.
Emma's achievement of being one of the first back, just behind Dr Whiplash, is to be congratulated - this is one of her first runs - bene!
Pre-dinner drinks were held in the Weavers Real Ale bar, dinner was served after 9 at the Sher E Punjab Indian Restaurant.
Down downs: awarded by Crossdresser to himself for his admodum bonum hash - he's more than happy with mediocre 
The Pimp for his zebra print leggings - obviously in tribute to the local safari park - another of Kidderminium's attractions 
Frosty the neon gnome who was obviously wearing all of his new Christmas running gear! 
Hot Lips who wouldn't let it lie that she'd left the Christmas hash without her secret Santa prezzie, only to be rewarded with a book to help with preventing any noticeable excitement whilst in the communal Roman baths 
Cleopatra for spoiling the surprise 
Dr Jeckyll for his amazing facts - we expect one each week 😇
And finally to the Amateur for actually recognising and knowing the drummer from T'Pau !!!! 
Hot Lips x
Next week: The Admiral Rodney, Berrow Green, WR6 6PL

Monday, 5 January 2015

The Laurels, Cutnall Green

Hash 338
Date: Thursday 11th December 2014
Venue: The Laurels, Cutnall Green
Beers: BYO
Food: a homemade 4 course meal! Parsnip soup, cottage pie & fish pie, cheese & fresh dates, rocky road & caramel crispie cakes - yummy!
Hare: Kinky Boots
Visitors/virgins: Michelle
Trail: Kinky Boots' muddy shoes hash for Greensleeves' sticky fingers birthday
Everyone was very excited for Kinky Boots' inaugural hash. About 20 or so dancing around in the cold on the drive, about half of them so excited they needed a pre-hash wee (or maybe they just wanted s sneaky peek at Kinky Boots's house).
Virgin Michelle, who had been picked up by the Amateur on Kinver Edge last week, seemed quite unfazed at the prospect of running around in the dark with us although she did seem to be missing her pooch.
We were told to keep away from the road so we did and it wasn't long before we were right in the thick of it. That's right, thick muddy furrowed fields. We loved it didn't we? So much so we covered the same piece of land (mud) 3 or 4 times over.
The Amateur had a close encounter with a stile resulting in some breezy britches whilst Crossdresser was still howling at the thought of losing his shoes (or one of the smaller hashers).
Some boggy hash halts with a nice variety of sweets, some great long falsies too - although I think we were all just following one another around like sheep.
A clever twist (& an unknowing decoy) sent everyone sprawling in all directions only to be called back on on across yet another prickly bog.
Back across the deep furrows yet again and some disbelieving cries of "not this again!" A little bit of Tarmac, down the back alley, past the Stirrups and back to the on inn - hurrah!
Despite the mud, everyone had a wonderful run, Greensleeves did her victory run past everyone on our way back, no one was lost and the hare remained looking as elegant as ever before becoming the hostess with the mostess serving up a feast fit for 20 kings and queens - amazing.
Down downs: awarded by an almost speechless Crossdresser to Kinky Boots, Greensleeves, Will & Julian for their wonderful hash and hospitality
Genital Reminder for showing Dr Whiplash how not to fall then succumbing to the mire himself good & proper later on
Dr Whiplash for not heeding the advice & looking like Bambi on ice
Clodhopper gets the our tune award for going away on his holidays & leaving half of his family behind.
Hot Lips x
Next week: The Fox Inn, Hanley Broadheath - Christmas hash

The Fox Inn, Hanley Broadheath

Hash 339 Xmas Hash
Date: Thursday 18th December 2014
Pub: The Fox Inn, Hanley Broadheath
Beers: lots I'm sure!
Food: Christmas dinner & mince pies
Hare: The Amateur
Visitors/virgins: none
Trail: the Christmas lights hash
AKA the "should we stay or should we go?"
AKA the "Where the Fox is the Tally Ho?" hash
3 of us were late for the start of the hash but we were determined to be there never the less. We turned up at 1st HH to emptiness...
We called but heard no replies. We could occasionally hear some shouting or see some lights but our own light signals were not answered. We did talk of just going straight to the pub but we'd actually made an effort to adorn ourselves with Xmas lights so it was a shame not to show them off.
Leg Over rang someone to find they were already at HH2 so we got back in the car & headed off to the Tally Ho. As we arrived at the Tally Ho, we found the hashers heading off away from us - could we catch them or should we just give up & go to the pub? No, we're here now so we'll get cracking.
The Amateur waited for us and it wasn't long before we caught everyone else up. It was lovely to see so many twinkling hashers! We squelched through some fields wishing we had just gone to the pub, our feet sinking into cold muddy puddles before reaching HH3 at Kerby-Collins' farm where we were warmed with mulled wine. Game Bird squealed at Scuffer whilst the new puppy was a hit (although I'm not so sure about his name...?)
The Pimp was telling stories about his own version of Christmas knock door sing prompting ideas of a Christmas Carols hash next year (if we remember), then gave us a lesson in Aussie lingo as we set out up the drive.
Dr Whiplash was way out ahead but returned after finding nothing. The rest of us had followed over the stile, come back over it, climbed the stile again as instructed by the Pro, only to meet up with the others down the road! The Pro assured us she knew the way but Who's the Daddy had his doubts.
Luckily, we were almost done - the benefit of turning up late! A welcome bit of country road (& no more mud!) before finding the on inn. I thought I had seen Bushwacker in a tux on the car park (& blamed the lights) but found it was actually the welcoming committee: Shag, Crossdresser & Doggy Fashion. I don't think Cleopatra will recover from her first entry... although saying that, she did go back again!
Lovely Christmas dinner, courtesy of the the Fox Inn & lovely mince pies, courtesy of Bristols.
The after dinner ceremonies of down downs were awarded by Crossdresser, Shag and their glamorous assistant Doggy Fashion to:
Clodhopper for being the best "who's who" lookalike
Hot Lips & Cleopatra for our Barbara Cartland blogging
Genital Reminder for his fur & feathers
Dr Whiplash won the Mediocre Hash Award
The best photo award goes to Doggy Fashion for her birthday bum feeling
The Doug peanut-head award goes to Leg Over
And the Diplomacy award goes to Bushwacker...?!
I think there were more awards but unfortunately we had to be back for the babysitters - sorry!
(And if there was a spare secret Santa prezzie left over...?)
Hot Lips x
Hashy Christmas everyone!
Boxing Day run
The Cross Keys, Suckley, WR6 5DJ, 11am
Next hash:  Thursday 1st January 2015, 2.30pm Family Hash
Brookfield House, Wolverley, DY11 5QP


Date: Thursday 1st January 2015
Date: Thursday 1st January 2015
Venue: Clodhopper's house
Beers: Advocaat and Lilt
Food: Lots! Beef stew, sausages and mash, Christmas cake and Stilton, trifle, crumble, oat biscuits...
Hare: Clodhopper
Virgins: Davenport cuzzies Grace and Jacob

It was such a treat to set off in daylight at the earlier time of 2.30pm. Nice to see Cinderella and Darth Radar again as well as welcoming some newbies.
Also present: The Pro, The Amateur and Bushwacker, Copulation along with Gobstopper and Eagle Eyes, The Pimp brought his crazy leggings, Dr Whiplash with Emma and her mate, Doggy Fashion, Shag, Who's the Daddy, Legover, me and my two.
It was a lovely 4 mile trail of sawdust through familiar territory with plenty of hash halts. Although it was mild, there were a few icy puddles, which provided entertainment for Shag and the hashlings. Poor Shag was injured by flying razor sharp ice as he held it up for kicking - don't try this at home, kids.
Another lovely hash laid by Clodhopper but it was nothing compared to the entertainment and hospitality afterwards!
The Clodhoppers had had a New Year's Eve Ceilidh the night before and had covered the pool with a dance floor. While the men shouted and undid bolts and screws and shouted and slid the frames off the pool and shouted a bit more, the children and dog were swimming underneath or swinging on the trapeze...I nearly had a nosebleed just watching it all.
A proper feast was laid out for us once we had dried off. Those Starkies really spoilt us, thank you!
Down downs:
Shag raided the drinks cabinet and found some ancient Advocaat.
Clodhopper and Hopscotch were awarded for their amazing hospitality.
There was a bit of a Frozen theme too...
Shag for cutting his head on the ice
thanks to Grace and Gobstopper, and there were namings for Jacob the Karate Kid and Grace is now Elsa.
The Pimp also had some for those spectacular leggings and Bushwhacker for his OTT  reaction to the Advocaat with a sick bowl at the ready.
Happy New Year!
Cleopatra x
Next week: dunno