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Date: Thursday 1st January 2015
Date: Thursday 1st January 2015
Venue: Clodhopper's house
Beers: Advocaat and Lilt
Food: Lots! Beef stew, sausages and mash, Christmas cake and Stilton, trifle, crumble, oat biscuits...
Hare: Clodhopper
Virgins: Davenport cuzzies Grace and Jacob

It was such a treat to set off in daylight at the earlier time of 2.30pm. Nice to see Cinderella and Darth Radar again as well as welcoming some newbies.
Also present: The Pro, The Amateur and Bushwacker, Copulation along with Gobstopper and Eagle Eyes, The Pimp brought his crazy leggings, Dr Whiplash with Emma and her mate, Doggy Fashion, Shag, Who's the Daddy, Legover, me and my two.
It was a lovely 4 mile trail of sawdust through familiar territory with plenty of hash halts. Although it was mild, there were a few icy puddles, which provided entertainment for Shag and the hashlings. Poor Shag was injured by flying razor sharp ice as he held it up for kicking - don't try this at home, kids.
Another lovely hash laid by Clodhopper but it was nothing compared to the entertainment and hospitality afterwards!
The Clodhoppers had had a New Year's Eve Ceilidh the night before and had covered the pool with a dance floor. While the men shouted and undid bolts and screws and shouted and slid the frames off the pool and shouted a bit more, the children and dog were swimming underneath or swinging on the trapeze...I nearly had a nosebleed just watching it all.
A proper feast was laid out for us once we had dried off. Those Starkies really spoilt us, thank you!
Down downs:
Shag raided the drinks cabinet and found some ancient Advocaat.
Clodhopper and Hopscotch were awarded for their amazing hospitality.
There was a bit of a Frozen theme too...
Shag for cutting his head on the ice
thanks to Grace and Gobstopper, and there were namings for Jacob the Karate Kid and Grace is now Elsa.
The Pimp also had some for those spectacular leggings and Bushwhacker for his OTT  reaction to the Advocaat with a sick bowl at the ready.
Happy New Year!
Cleopatra x
Next week: dunno

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