Monday, 5 January 2015

The Fox Inn, Hanley Broadheath

Hash 339 Xmas Hash
Date: Thursday 18th December 2014
Pub: The Fox Inn, Hanley Broadheath
Beers: lots I'm sure!
Food: Christmas dinner & mince pies
Hare: The Amateur
Visitors/virgins: none
Trail: the Christmas lights hash
AKA the "should we stay or should we go?"
AKA the "Where the Fox is the Tally Ho?" hash
3 of us were late for the start of the hash but we were determined to be there never the less. We turned up at 1st HH to emptiness...
We called but heard no replies. We could occasionally hear some shouting or see some lights but our own light signals were not answered. We did talk of just going straight to the pub but we'd actually made an effort to adorn ourselves with Xmas lights so it was a shame not to show them off.
Leg Over rang someone to find they were already at HH2 so we got back in the car & headed off to the Tally Ho. As we arrived at the Tally Ho, we found the hashers heading off away from us - could we catch them or should we just give up & go to the pub? No, we're here now so we'll get cracking.
The Amateur waited for us and it wasn't long before we caught everyone else up. It was lovely to see so many twinkling hashers! We squelched through some fields wishing we had just gone to the pub, our feet sinking into cold muddy puddles before reaching HH3 at Kerby-Collins' farm where we were warmed with mulled wine. Game Bird squealed at Scuffer whilst the new puppy was a hit (although I'm not so sure about his name...?)
The Pimp was telling stories about his own version of Christmas knock door sing prompting ideas of a Christmas Carols hash next year (if we remember), then gave us a lesson in Aussie lingo as we set out up the drive.
Dr Whiplash was way out ahead but returned after finding nothing. The rest of us had followed over the stile, come back over it, climbed the stile again as instructed by the Pro, only to meet up with the others down the road! The Pro assured us she knew the way but Who's the Daddy had his doubts.
Luckily, we were almost done - the benefit of turning up late! A welcome bit of country road (& no more mud!) before finding the on inn. I thought I had seen Bushwacker in a tux on the car park (& blamed the lights) but found it was actually the welcoming committee: Shag, Crossdresser & Doggy Fashion. I don't think Cleopatra will recover from her first entry... although saying that, she did go back again!
Lovely Christmas dinner, courtesy of the the Fox Inn & lovely mince pies, courtesy of Bristols.
The after dinner ceremonies of down downs were awarded by Crossdresser, Shag and their glamorous assistant Doggy Fashion to:
Clodhopper for being the best "who's who" lookalike
Hot Lips & Cleopatra for our Barbara Cartland blogging
Genital Reminder for his fur & feathers
Dr Whiplash won the Mediocre Hash Award
The best photo award goes to Doggy Fashion for her birthday bum feeling
The Doug peanut-head award goes to Leg Over
And the Diplomacy award goes to Bushwacker...?!
I think there were more awards but unfortunately we had to be back for the babysitters - sorry!
(And if there was a spare secret Santa prezzie left over...?)
Hot Lips x
Hashy Christmas everyone!
Boxing Day run
The Cross Keys, Suckley, WR6 5DJ, 11am
Next hash:  Thursday 1st January 2015, 2.30pm Family Hash
Brookfield House, Wolverley, DY11 5QP

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