Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Lock, Wolverley

# 256

Date: 30th May 2013 

Pub: The Lock, Wolverley

Beers: Sunbeam, Banks’s Bitter & Mild, Thatchers Gold cider 
Food: Meat / veggie chilli & chips
Hares: Cross Dresser & Early Riser
Virgins: Connie, Dexter, Cameron, Amalie, Callum, and Martin
Visitors: none

Trail: We’d had a preview of Early Riser laying the trail in his high vis jacket, looking excited that the rain had stopped. That was all about to get sooooo much better as he changed into his fancy dress outfit on the car park… 
Cross Dresser got into his pjs (I half expected a nightie) but was top-trumped by Early Riser’s Tigger onesie – woo-hoo-hoo-hoooooooo!

A huge amount of hashers with lots of hashlings and a good few newbie’s too. Lots of takers for the pyjama-themed fancy dress for Game Bird’s birthday: Well Laid arrived as Wee Willie Winkie, Callum (one of the virgins) also sported a onesie, his dad wore his superhero pjs and still it up and Shag turned up as Rod Stewart! 

Get Down Shep was seen loitering in the car park with Annie early on but there was obviously no intention of him running this evening, nor any sign of Hash Quack either. Clodhopper & Cinderella claimed they knew nothing about the fancy dress theme – need to get them facebooking! The RA also had a sick note – the LGF’s still feeling green.

Cross Dresser briefed us on the trail although forgot to brief himself and therefore had to succumb to much chafing later on. A school boy error! The Amateur & Titis or Treats screeched onto the car park with seconds to spare as we were already checking it out. Up and away from the Lock, crossing over the main road, through the lanes and a bluebell wood where the flour had to be pointed out to us. 

Cyclopath started stripping of at the first HH, not to be inhibited by the abundance of hashlings – you can tell she’s on holiday! The Amateur directed us across the road in his slinky pink negligee and Hot Lips & Sleeping Beauty decided that skipping was easier in nightwear. Through a sunny field of rapeseed, the pace now starting to slow to a dawdle for those hashlings at the back. Heading back round towards Wolverley village for the next HH, where luckily there were still some drinks left.

Sleeping Beauty almost wanted to short-cut back to the pub at this point but Batman talked her into continuing (the promise of a shoulder ride helped too – I’m sure I’m getting shorter). 

An uphill climb to the 3rd HH and no falsies to slow the FRBs down so, unfortunately, it all gets a bit sketchy from here. The ATBWs chatted about school and holidays and had a lovely meander back though the estate and to the on inn for a record-breaking amount of people for dinner!

Down downs: awarded by a still poorly Doggy Fashion who got up from her “death” (sick?) bed to present them to Cross Dresser & Early Riser for their brilliant hash that was perfectly laid (or so they say) and for Early Riser doing the hash in his Tigger onesie; Virgins Amalie, Sue (who teaches adult education) & Martin;, who was about to become a very good sport…; Virgin hashlings Connie, Dexter, Cameron & Callum who also sported his onesie; Penelope Pitstop for getting off to a bad start, proclaiming noone’s got the horn; then onto the heats for the fancy dress: will it be Cyclopath for spending more time out of her dress than in it? Will it be Shag for his Rod Stewart impersonation? No, it goes to the Amateur for turning up in his little pink, frilly negligee – wit woo; and finally to Game Bird for having a birthday – many happy returns! (How many candles?)

Post down down games: Shag’s in Drag – started with Shag being dressed up as Kimmy does grandma, Cross Dresser being dressed as Kimmy does Hashing; Martin does Kimmy does Glam and Copulation as Kimmy does bedtime. The kids helped out with the face and nail painting and then finished off with some cake decorating. 

Hot Lips x

Next week: The Lenchford, Shrawley