Monday, 27 October 2014

Bird in Hand, Stourport

Date: Thursday 23rd October 2014
Pub: Bird in Hand, Stourport
Food: Chicken curry or cauliflower cheese and chips!
Hare: Lassie
Visitors/virgins: Frosty Tony, Mike and Lynda and The Pimp off of Malvern
I don't really know much about the trail. I was in the pub when Lassie was telling us about it and took lots of shortcuts.
These hashers were there:
The Amateur, Clodhopper, Genital Reminder, Game Bird, Russell Sprout, Hash Quack, Doggy Fashion, Legover, Dr Whiplash, Shag, Bushwacker, Who's the Daddy, Torchy, Tits or Treats, Cyclopath, Well Laid, The Pimp, Mike and Lynda, Lassie, Cleopatra, Windy Miller and Thing2.
Thing 2 would like to have a go at describing some of it:
Jasper and Charlie were having a play fight and were bouncing on top of each other. Kim said she had a bad knee. Then Windy Miller, Cleopatra and I went up some steps to get to the front. We met the man in the pink swirly leggings. He looked shocked that we were at the front now. We went past a rugby field and I did some cartwheels. Then we went into a cow field and it stank.
Furthermore, we stopped at a relaxing hash halt and had a little rest (with no sweets). Because we were getting tired, Lassie gave us a long shortcut. He said wait by the hollow and they'd come out there. So we were searching for a hollow but it was pitch black. Luckily we had Legover.
We eventually found the hollow and there was a gate so we hid behind it so we could scare them. We jumped out at the front runners and Dr Whiplash had a nasty shock. I can give you an impression. 😦
We had a luxurious hash halt with liquorice all sorts and yummy Jelly Babies.
There were some brambles and I was afraid to go through them and Declan scooped me up and carried me over before I could say anything. He said I was lighter than his dog.
It's Cleopatra again. Shortly before we took another shortcut with Well Laid, Hash Quack had a disagreement with a tree stump. We were closely followed by Dr Whiplash back to the On Inn, who insisted he had followed flour...
Back at the pub we met up with Mrs Lassie and down downs were awarded in style by Shag to:
Frosty Tony for being a virgin
Lassie for the best hash ever
Mrs Lassie for being lovely
Who's the Daddy and Ethan for father/son squabbling and a fluorescent thong
Next week: Copcut Elm, Droitwich