Friday, 26 October 2012

The Brinton Arms, Stourport

# 223
Date: Thursday 25th October 2012
Pub: The Brinton Arms, Stourport
Food: off the menu
Beer: Hobgoblin, Banks’s bitter, Strongbow, Bulmers
Hares: Hash Quack, Get Down Shep, Just Olivia
Virgins: none
Visitors: Pussyfoot

Trail: laid in flour, thankfully not vomit, as Hash Quack had to retire on the grounds of ill-health; nevertheless, Get Down Shep & Just Olivia did a sterling job of keeping us all on track – well, almost!.  Along to St Michael’s church and down to the canal; up to Wilden Top, avoiding the footballers & fence; up to the main road and over to the Rifle Range, where a few of us were subjected to Hard On’s tales of women’s clothing and hair-removing cream at the HH!  Past the golf course and a lovely downhill to the On-Inn – now there’s one to remember!

Down downs: Doggy Fashion used the pub quiz’s break to award down downs in her very own quiz-style to Get Down Shep and Just Olivia, for their taking over of the trail (AND keeping it to a reasonable length!); Dr Whiplash for his expert IT skills; Italian Job on leave to join us; Crossdresser for his miss-dressing (apparently (& obviously) not an unusual occurrence); Torchy the Battery Boy for his relentless illumination torture (causing confiscation & disposal of his weapon into the nearest wheelie bin); and finally to Tits or Treats for her successful completion of the Amsterdam marathon last weekend (we’re informed that Shag completed it too but is not with us tonight as he’s too sore – we’re also hoping this is NOT related to the strap on…)

On on
Hot Lips x

Next week: The Greyhound, Stourbridge – Hallowe’en fancy dress

Friday, 19 October 2012

Ye Olde Seven Stars, Kidderminster

# 222
Date: Thursday 18th October 2012
Pub: Ye Olde Seven Stars, Kidderminster
Food: Fish & chips, Sausage & chips & just chips
Beer: Shropshire Lad, Teddy Bear, Guinness, Stowford Press, Thatchers
Hares: Compost & Hard On
Virgins: none
Visitors: Pussyfoot & Rank

Trail: Crossdresser welcomed 26 hashers this evening and said a few words about The Saint before we started.  A supposedly shorter run, but hey, Hard On can’t be supervised ALL of the time!  Rank finally caught up with us but Hard On, true to form, continued to get us lost! A very boggy run across Waterside Grange, up towards St Mary’s school – no wait, Hard On’s got it wrong again!  So, back into Springfield Park again, out into Broadwaters, up to Hurcott Road, past the end of Saint’s road, down through Baxter Gardens for the 2nd HH. Out onto the Birmingham Road, winding back down to the bottom end of Comberton Hill and through the town to the Town Hall for the 3rd HH.  It was a little busy here and so we made our way to the bridge over the river Stour for a few more words from Crossdresser and a minute’s silence as we remembered The Saint. 

Despite it being his run, Hard On still didn’t know his way to the On Inn!

Down downs: awarded by Doggy Fashion (who actually ran this evening) to Compost & Hard On for their interesting hash – it would have been a short one, as advertised, if Hard On had paid attention & actually known where he was going; Rank for turning up all the way from Harlow; Early Riser for his waitressing skills in the on inn this evening; Shag for Charlie, who was named Demon Dog for trying to knock hashers into the canal this evening; and finally one for Saint, RIP, and a few heart-felt words for all those there last week.

Hot Lips x

Saint’s funeral – 1pm at Wyre Forest Crematorium, then afterwards at The Island Pool (formerly The Cookley Arms) All welcome
  • Good luck to Lassie who will be running the Birmingham half marathon this Sunday.
  • Good luck also to Tits or Treats and Shag who will be running in the Amsterdam marathon this Sunday

Next week: The Brinton Arms, Stourport (NB we will try and keep things local to Kidderminster for a while, in case Den wants to join us for a drink after)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hashers remember

Saturday 13th October 2012
The Lock In, Wolverley

After the tragedy of losing The Saint last Thursday night, we chose to meet up again, in true hashing style, in order for us all to come together and support each other, console each other, and help each other through this difficult time.  Rather bravely, I thought, some of his family came along to join us too.  An evening spent amongst friends, trying to come to terms with what happened but also an evening bringing our diverse group ever closer.

The Saint had laid a trail from here just a few weeks earlier; a lovely run through Wolverley village, down to the night-lit water wheel in Broadwaters, past the bat watchers in Springfield park, through Puxton Marsh and back for a lovely bowl of chilli at the On-Inn.  I always loved Saint’s hashes; I have learned more about my home town and countryside from his different trails over the past 9 months (the short time in which I’ve been hashing) than all the years I’ve lived here, and I’m a local girl!

The Saint was one of our longer-serving members; he had been our RA and had christened most of our current hashers.  He always asked about people’s families and friends, making everyone feel welcome in our group.  Those who annoyed him were just called “daft buggers!”  He was a proud dad and granddad and loved it when the kids (Duncan, Tommie, Ethan, Caleb & Rosie) turned up to join the hash.  

In Graeme’s heart-warming tribute to The Saint, we heard about his “perfect trails,” his gentlemanly manner and his distaste for fancy dress, yet, he always made an effort.  We shared our memories and we learned a few things about him from Den too, particularly his obsession with cars!  

A gentle soul, with a wicked sense of humour, he was taken from us too soon.  He will be greatly missed by us all.

Rest in peace

Hot Lips

The Funeral is on Friday 26 October at 1pm at the new Kidderminster Crematorium DY13 8DE and afterwards at The Island Pool  DY10 3RX

The Dog, Harvington, The saddest hash of all

# 220
Date: Thursday 11th October 2012
Pub: The Dog, Harvington

The Saint 
29/1/60 – 11/10/12

On Thursday night "the Saint, Chris Hirst sadly lost his life. Our heartfelt thoughts and condolences go out to his partner  Den and all his family.
 All who  knew the Saint will have their own memories to remember him by.
I would however like to thank the farmer and his wife who were brilliant in the circumstances, but most of all I would like to say thank you to all the Hashers who were in that rain swept field on Thursday night, I will mention no names, you all know who you were and you all did your utmost, I am very proud to call you my friends.

You may not be here Saint but you will never be forgotten. 

The Amateur

Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Bell, Pensax

# 219
Date: Thursday 4th October 2012
Food: meat / veggie chilli, rice & chips
Beer: Hobsons, Stowford Press, Robinson’s
Hares: Crossdresser & Hard On
Virgins: none
Visitors: Squealer

Trail: Well, it started off fairly OK… although 4 were lost early on, whilst the rest enjoyed sweets at the first HH.  It didn’t really matter though because we looped back around to have the 2nd HH at the same tree; a heart marking the spot – the best bit of flour all night!  The next part of the trail saw a few more get lost… well, half of the group really, resulting in the hare with slightly more of a clue short-cutting - ahem - setting back to find the lost ones.  This left the hare with no clue whatsoever to help find the trail, a difficult task, to say the least, as the happy shopper had forgotten to put any flour down (but probably has some nice buns in the oven back home).  And so, the blind leading the blind, we found ourselves knee-deep in mud, almost losing poor little Maisie and Hard On losing his shoe (along with his mind).  We battled on, braving a road with HGVs, negotiating a stile at an angle a stile should never be, getting attacked by nettles & brambles and a lengthy discussion as to which way we should all be heading (thankfully we didn’t take Shag’s directions!)  A few of the FRBs set off with some sort of internal sat nav, leaving the rest of us stranded in a boggy cornfield with no way out.  And so, after almost losing the will to live, we walked the rest of the way, finding the On inn half an hour later than everyone else L                                  (luckily still in time for tea J)

Down downs: Awarded by Doggy Fashion to Crossdresser and Hard On for the worst hash ever; Lassie for his log roll; Squealer for her visit (not sure if she’ll return again after tonight’s shenanigans tho…?); Tough love, renamed as Torchy the Battery boy , his ever ready floodlight causing migrainous symptoms; and finally, Richard was christened Legover
Hot Lips x

Hash weekend – message from Hash Quack: please bring your bikes (mountain or road bikes); message from Doggy Fashion: ladies, please bring a skirt (penalties for those who do not obey the rules!)

Next week: The Dog, Harvington

PS!!! Some of the Scarecrows we didnt see last week!