Friday, 26 October 2012

The Brinton Arms, Stourport

# 223
Date: Thursday 25th October 2012
Pub: The Brinton Arms, Stourport
Food: off the menu
Beer: Hobgoblin, Banks’s bitter, Strongbow, Bulmers
Hares: Hash Quack, Get Down Shep, Just Olivia
Virgins: none
Visitors: Pussyfoot

Trail: laid in flour, thankfully not vomit, as Hash Quack had to retire on the grounds of ill-health; nevertheless, Get Down Shep & Just Olivia did a sterling job of keeping us all on track – well, almost!.  Along to St Michael’s church and down to the canal; up to Wilden Top, avoiding the footballers & fence; up to the main road and over to the Rifle Range, where a few of us were subjected to Hard On’s tales of women’s clothing and hair-removing cream at the HH!  Past the golf course and a lovely downhill to the On-Inn – now there’s one to remember!

Down downs: Doggy Fashion used the pub quiz’s break to award down downs in her very own quiz-style to Get Down Shep and Just Olivia, for their taking over of the trail (AND keeping it to a reasonable length!); Dr Whiplash for his expert IT skills; Italian Job on leave to join us; Crossdresser for his miss-dressing (apparently (& obviously) not an unusual occurrence); Torchy the Battery Boy for his relentless illumination torture (causing confiscation & disposal of his weapon into the nearest wheelie bin); and finally to Tits or Treats for her successful completion of the Amsterdam marathon last weekend (we’re informed that Shag completed it too but is not with us tonight as he’s too sore – we’re also hoping this is NOT related to the strap on…)

On on
Hot Lips x

Next week: The Greyhound, Stourbridge – Hallowe’en fancy dress

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