Friday, 21 February 2014

The Mare & Colt

# 294

Date: Thursday 13th February
Pub: The Mare & Colt
Beers: Town Crier, Blonde something or other, Bird's something or other, a nice free bottle of red if you order 2 steaks, lime & soda
Food: very nice posh nosh off the menu
Hare: Wrong/Pootle
Visitors/virgins: none

The wiggly hash (thanks Well Laid)

So let's see who can guess who Sprout was listening to:

We were all Living on a Prayer this evening; not even stormy weather, The Flood nor the full moon could put us off - plus Wrong had already tempted us with a reasonably short one too - hooray!

It was a mostly on road hash taking us around every close & cul de sac in and around Spennels. We probably never ventured out of a square mile but discovered every back alley on the estate with lots of clever twists and turns. 

Trench Foot made his annual appearance, we tried to lose him but he managed to rejoin us a few loops down the line. We just hope he's Back For Good although you never can tell.

Game Bird had the wrong footwear on for all this Tarmac (being the mud master that she is) but I was very glad to keep my feet dry for a change.

Most of us barely raised a trot this evening but there was lots of excitement as almost everyone had a chance to be an FRB with all the checks! 

Doggy Fashion and Cleopatra got wise and held back just long enough to witness Wrong's new markings, although no one took him up on how to approach such markings. 

There was one HH with beers/juice and valentine-themed sweets. This is How You Remind Me that last year's romantic hash wasn't a Bed of Roses, instead it was tainted with elastic traumas!

Who's The Daddy kept passing us in his Blaze of Glory as he's keen to build up his racing snake stamina. 

Leg Over was enjoying the chit chat this evening, full up on carbs after his weekend of chasing Hash Quack's tail, Hash Quack Always takes the lead!

There was a bit of short cutting on the only bit of off road - Dr Whiplash & Doggy Fashion were incriminated but there seemed to be a bit of a discrepancy so in the end it kind of didn't matter anyway.

Down downs - Patience isn't a quality Wrong possesses, therefore he had his before dinner and swiftly left. That said, it was a wonderful hash and the "owd 'un" had really marked his territory! 
The rest of us, once Legover had decided we definitely weren't doing the quiz, enjoyed our lovely meals before continuing with the proceedings. 
Hash Quack should have had one but had to leave as she felt queasy (*make up own rumours here*); 
Trench Foot got one for just turning up; Cyclopath didn't run but got one for not doing the quiz; Legover got Hash Quack's (Always second best) and for not doing the quiz, DF should have had one herself for short cutting but she was just relieved not to have done the quiz 

Hot Lips x

Next week - the George, Bewdley

Congratulations to all the Mud Masters: Hash Quack, Leg Over (2nd), Game Bird, Cyclopath and Plays with IT

Good luck & well done to anyone else entering/competing in races. I truly think it's awesome!