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The Ancient Sher E Punjab, Combertonium Hill, the main Roman road out of Kidderminium (near the historic steam railway)

Hash 341 (CCCXLI)
Date: Thursday 8th January 2015 AD (VIII/I/MMXV)
Venue: The Ancient Sher E Punjab, Combertonium Hill, the main Roman road out of Kidderminium (near the historic steam railway)
Beers: Cobra
Food: poppadoms & chosen main course
Live hare: Crossus Dresserus
Visitors/virgins: Cinderella & Michelle
Trail: Crossdresser's magical mystery & history tour of the Roman settlement of Kidderminium
What an exciting occasion this is! The message was out, we were all to meet outside the ancient ruin of Tesco on Combertonium Hill for Game Birda to enlighten us with tonight's hash rules. A bona fide live hare - hashus mirabilis!
About 20 gathered round, exchanging Annum Faustum wishes, chattering about holidays and plans for this coming annum. Some had spied some new footwear but instead the glory was taken with Dr Jeckyll's new found facts that bees are attracted to purple and yellow flowers and that moths are attracted to white or heavily scented flowers - amazing!
Who's the Daddius finally introduced Game Birda, the rules were explained, food orders were taken and we were sent off in search of the trail - felicitas!
Starting off through the cherry orchard, the little known Kidderminium garden of fruits, leading up to the colossal architecture of Offmore road, another Roman road through the settlement. A little confusion around these parts but the sight of public buildings beckoned and we found our way along Lorne Street, Villiers Street and heading towards Combertonium Road, where it is told that the more majestic of the buildings are equipped with under-floor heating systems known as hypocausts.
Ascending Hill Grove Crescent where the monumental architecture could be observed and the chatterings of many excitable hashers could be heard.
Towards the footbridge over the modern railway, near the Victorian steam railway and to the first HH where we were most surprised to be lavished with juicy sweets. A quick pit stop before heading upwards towards the games stadium where hordes of spectators still gather most weekends.
Down to another Roman road where chariots pass, finding the love chair and a chance for a photo opportunity. Down again to the mosaic-tiled walls of the underpass, with its brightly coloured murals and frescos. Here we met up with the hare who couldn't wait to run his course again!
Through the lower town of Kidderminium, past the museum of carpet, running now with a backdrop of Victorian buildings. The abundance of underwater pools helped make the township famous for its carpet industry during the 19th and 20th centuries.
To the 2nd HH at the historic Watermill, up through Brintons park and gardens where Kidderminium's finest yoots were on hand to guide us along the right path back out again, along a road of more very grand buildings and towards where the Roman public baths once welcomed the people of Kidderminium.
Another hurried hash halt (Who's the Daddius was wanting his tea), past the old Victorian hospital, back towards the town and the grand church of St Mary's, past the beautiful buildings in church street to the modern part of town where the modern health service crisis was under Great Clodhoppus' review.
Past the Glades Colosseum in all its glory, down to Ye Olde Boar's Head Taphouse, picking up the trail for the on inn, taking us back through the mosaic-walled underpass and to the end of the 6 mile run on terra firma.
Emma's achievement of being one of the first back, just behind Dr Whiplash, is to be congratulated - this is one of her first runs - bene!
Pre-dinner drinks were held in the Weavers Real Ale bar, dinner was served after 9 at the Sher E Punjab Indian Restaurant.
Down downs: awarded by Crossdresser to himself for his admodum bonum hash - he's more than happy with mediocre 
The Pimp for his zebra print leggings - obviously in tribute to the local safari park - another of Kidderminium's attractions 
Frosty the neon gnome who was obviously wearing all of his new Christmas running gear! 
Hot Lips who wouldn't let it lie that she'd left the Christmas hash without her secret Santa prezzie, only to be rewarded with a book to help with preventing any noticeable excitement whilst in the communal Roman baths 
Cleopatra for spoiling the surprise 
Dr Jeckyll for his amazing facts - we expect one each week 😇
And finally to the Amateur for actually recognising and knowing the drummer from T'Pau !!!! 
Hot Lips x
Next week: The Admiral Rodney, Berrow Green, WR6 6PL

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