Monday, 5 January 2015

The Laurels, Cutnall Green

Hash 338
Date: Thursday 11th December 2014
Venue: The Laurels, Cutnall Green
Beers: BYO
Food: a homemade 4 course meal! Parsnip soup, cottage pie & fish pie, cheese & fresh dates, rocky road & caramel crispie cakes - yummy!
Hare: Kinky Boots
Visitors/virgins: Michelle
Trail: Kinky Boots' muddy shoes hash for Greensleeves' sticky fingers birthday
Everyone was very excited for Kinky Boots' inaugural hash. About 20 or so dancing around in the cold on the drive, about half of them so excited they needed a pre-hash wee (or maybe they just wanted s sneaky peek at Kinky Boots's house).
Virgin Michelle, who had been picked up by the Amateur on Kinver Edge last week, seemed quite unfazed at the prospect of running around in the dark with us although she did seem to be missing her pooch.
We were told to keep away from the road so we did and it wasn't long before we were right in the thick of it. That's right, thick muddy furrowed fields. We loved it didn't we? So much so we covered the same piece of land (mud) 3 or 4 times over.
The Amateur had a close encounter with a stile resulting in some breezy britches whilst Crossdresser was still howling at the thought of losing his shoes (or one of the smaller hashers).
Some boggy hash halts with a nice variety of sweets, some great long falsies too - although I think we were all just following one another around like sheep.
A clever twist (& an unknowing decoy) sent everyone sprawling in all directions only to be called back on on across yet another prickly bog.
Back across the deep furrows yet again and some disbelieving cries of "not this again!" A little bit of Tarmac, down the back alley, past the Stirrups and back to the on inn - hurrah!
Despite the mud, everyone had a wonderful run, Greensleeves did her victory run past everyone on our way back, no one was lost and the hare remained looking as elegant as ever before becoming the hostess with the mostess serving up a feast fit for 20 kings and queens - amazing.
Down downs: awarded by an almost speechless Crossdresser to Kinky Boots, Greensleeves, Will & Julian for their wonderful hash and hospitality
Genital Reminder for showing Dr Whiplash how not to fall then succumbing to the mire himself good & proper later on
Dr Whiplash for not heeding the advice & looking like Bambi on ice
Clodhopper gets the our tune award for going away on his holidays & leaving half of his family behind.
Hot Lips x
Next week: The Fox Inn, Hanley Broadheath - Christmas hash

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