Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Alma Tavern, Worcester

Hash #349

Date: Thursday 5th March 2015
Pub: The Alma Tavern, Worcester
Beers: Doom Bar, Adnams, Banks's Mild, John Smiths
Food: lasagne, chips, curry, rice & salad
Hare: Leg Over
Visitors/virgins: none

Trail: Leg Over's Where's Leg Over hash?

A good 20 or so plus a couple of hashlings and a couple of hash hounds turned out for this evening's hash. We missed a fancy dress opportunity with it being World Book Day but maybe that wasn't such a bad thing! 

The hare was out laying it live and had left it to Who's the Daddy to take charge of us as he (apparently) knew the route... He read out tonight's instructions, collected the dinner orders and sent us on our way.

The Amateur had spotted something on the way in but no one was really paying attention. He checked it out & called us on on anyway and of course, we followed. 

Lots of Tarmac this evening, weaving through the streets of worcester, a sprawling park run and back onto the streets again. We threw in an extra, preliminary hash halt as we'd momentarily lost the trail and the Pimp was eager to lighten his load.

Hunting back and forth down some back streets as Shag and Doggy Fashion discussed macs, Clodhopper had noticed the dichotomy between the short sleeved hashers and the overly dressed ones. I had misjudged the temperature but Kinky Boots was relieved to lend me one of her layers. 

Dr Whiplash found Frosty's car, the largest white mark of the evening, then Who's the Daddy found the black pears! Leg Over and Cleopatra were waiting patiently at the HH near the courts and the rest of us finally found them. The longest hash halt in history meant that far too many sweets were eaten, the Ruane boys had time to meet up for a chat and Who's the Daddy was still AWOL.

Leg Over was disappointed with the lack of sweets at the next HH (not realising we'd had extra halts) but we couldn't stop too long as we needed to get back soon for tea.

All in all, a lovely unmuddy hash, slightly chaotic, and our lost boy was found back at the on inn on his second pint!

Down downs were awarded by Crossdresser to:

Legover for his hash that scattered us all over Worcester and only turning up for the 2nd half of it 
Who's the daddy for getting lost - was this a tactical game?
The Pimp for also getting lost & "losing" the sweets
Doggy Fashion for rehousing otters
Lost Skywalker for volunteering to be a modern day chimney sweep
Clodhopper for lending his hash his huskey to Lost Skywalker to help pull his weary legs around - Jasper took off and nearly pulled the hashling off his feet!

Hot Lips x

Next week: The Bridge, Stanford Bridge, WR6 6RU

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