Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Live and Let Live, Neen Sollars

Hash 352
Date: Thursday 26th March 2015
Pub: The Live and Let Live, Neen Sollars
Beers: Three Tuns, Hobson's Best
Food: the best baps ever, chips and some puddings for the select few
Hares: Bristols & Golden Shower
Visitors/virgins: Guy and Imogen
Trail: Bristols' Beautiful Blue Moonlight Trail
The countryside looked stunningly beautiful as us paupers made our way from Kidderminium to Neen Sollars. There was a dusky blue glow shining over the trees and hills. We joined the 14 other hashers and 4 hash hounds. The GM had gone AWOL so the RA took the reins...
Bristols had used Waitrose's best gluten free flour, to prevent any tickles darling, it was 4.6 miles, 4 hash halts and off you jolly well go!
Down the road, over the first of many stiles and straight off into the countryside. A steep ascent and the first HH cleverly placed at the top but no sweets yet... Bristols was laying the law down here - "you've not even done a mile yet!" Crossdresser was warming his hands and found his own (& Shag's) sweets. Is this the origin of down downs?
The Amateur had been given the horn and kept shooting off in all directions (not all of them right). Crossdresser became envious that Clodhopper was wearing too many clothes whilst Annie dog kept getting her vest in a twist and the cattle grids confused Demon Dog...
The newbies were doing well, Guy already FRBing and trying to keep up with Comes First, whereas Imogen was simply enjoying the woodland.
Misty Vision's crystal ball was out of action tonight, she wasn't getting any premonitions but she knew she was going to have a good time.
A few more boggy, muddy fields before heading back onto the road & down to the last HH with panache, beers & Capri suns - very swanky!
There was talk of a shortcut back to the on inn and a few started to head that way but we talked them out of it only to climb yet another stile. We descended into thick mud and a dodgy conversation before Golden Shower brought us back on track.
The night had finally fallen as we made our way back to the on inn to be greeted with the best baps and chunky chips - salt & vinegar anyone?
Hot Lips x
Down downs were awarded by Crossdresser:
Great hash tonight. Everything you could want in a hash, mud, sweets, Panache and Shag's nuts
Bristols and Golden Shower - the poshest couple we know, well, Bristols at least.
Virgins. Guy and Imogen.
Comes First for Facebooking on the hash.
Gate climber. Hot lips.
Next week: The Mitre Oak, Crossway Green, DY13 9SG
"Spring has sprung" fancy dress

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