Sunday, 8 July 2012

B......... House, Lowe Lane, Kidderminster

And how did the injury happen you may ask. Not running of course, but hit by a toy helicopter in the swimming pool afterwards!

Captain Caveman doing his thing


Date:  Thursday, 5th July
Pub: Clodhopper’s house
Food: Fantastic home-grown sausage risotto, blue cheese risotto, Game Bird’s yummy cheesecake and other Morrisons desserts
Beers: Cans
Hares: Clodhopper and Cinderella
Virgins: None
Visitors: Drag Queen

After we’d finally decided what number hash it was (thank you, Berto, for stepping into Crossdresser’s shoes) we set off on a fairly muddy trail from the Starkies’ towards Habberley Valley.  Unfortunately Cinderella couldn’t be there for the hash as she was busy doing her silver D of E, but they had added a few sneaky twists and turns to their trail earlier in the afternoon that were to keep us guessing.  There were no treats provided at the three hash halts so we all had to be rationed on Berto’s Polos and Softmints.

We were all totally spoilt, however, on returning to the Clodhopper residence with a crazy pool party.  Captain Caveman provided most of the entertainment with his circus act on the trapeze and it nearly all ended in tears when Tits or Treats had to have emergency surgery from Hash Quack as she mysteriously sustained an injury to her nose from a UFO.

After the delicious risottos provided by Alison and after demolishing Game Bird’s   cheesecake and other select desserts, there was an attempt to raise the tone with a game of croquet while Captain Caveman tried to injure himself on the trampoline.

Doggy Fashion awarded down-downs to hare Clodhopper for his lovely hash through the Kidderminster countryside; to Captain Caveman for replacing Berto as the new Hash Romeo with his advances on our RA herself, to Tits or Treats for her new Adam Ant style dressing on her poorly nose, to Alison for her scrumptious food and to Game Bird for her outstanding cheesecake.

After the down-downs we had a conference call with travelling hashers Crossdresser and Early Riser and friends on their road trip to watch the Tour de France.  They may be contenders for down-downs next week for getting themselves on the telly?

On on

Cleopatra (in Hot Lips’ absence)

Next week: The Bridge, Stanford Bridge

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