Monday, 30 July 2012

Sun & Slipper, Mamble


Date: Thursday 26th July
Pub: Sun & Slipper, Mamble
Food: Beef & Vegetable pie, Sausages & Chips, Vege Stroganoff & Pasta, Vege Samosas
Beers: Good choice
Hares: Hard On, Italian Job & Bristols
Visitors: none
Virgins: none

Trail Not a hint of rain when we were called to order by the GM on a very hot and sultry evening. Jungle formula anti fly spray was passed around as we were briefed by the hares. It seemed that Hard On had passed on his duties to Italian Job and snubbed Bristols completely. Approx 20 Hashers with 4 dogs and only one child set off on what we were told was a 4.8 mile hash. For the front runners about 6 miles and about 5 miles for the more normal hashers, of hilly running. At one stage the bracken was more than 6 feet tall, definitely " A Jungle Hash". We were treated to even better refreshments than usual with Pimms & Lemonade & ICE cubes, beer and soft drinks at the 2nd halt. There was a distinct lack of checks at the beginning and no sign of the "On Inn" at the end . Also the Hash had a "Hug Theme" Roberto what was this all about? A great run was enjoyed by all except the RA who only appeared at the pub after the run for the 2nd week in a row.
Plentiful and tasty food was enjoyed by all, with Lassie enjoying 3rds but Copulation 4ths!! Crossdresser even managed to clear his plate after 2nds, well done mate. And we sat outside!
Doggy fashion awarded Down downs to Hard On and Italian Job. Even though she hadn’t attended, she could guess that Hard On’s hash was going to be disorganized and chaotic and that her leg injury was probably for the best. Another Down down was awarded to Clodhopper as Boris once again showed himself as the canine alpha male this time with his swimming prowess.
Richard (the stripper at the Slipper) created much excitement. Shag’s wishful thinking heard the word strip not trip when being told of Richard’s near tumble.

Finally, the RA thought she had missed all the action but was greeted in the car park by Cross Dresser’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’ – a wild and remote area known to be responsible for the downfall of many a sailor.

Lassie (guest editor, or was it guess editor)
Next week: The Queens Head, Wolverley

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