Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Queen’s Head, Wolverley

Date: Thursday 2nd August 2012
Pub: The Queen’s Head, Wolverley
Food: off the menu
Beers: Banks’s bitter & mild, 5 Hops, Thatcher’s Gold cider
Hare: Saint
Visitors: none
Virgins: none
Trail: A relatively short one this evening for Saint’s “mini-me hash.” 

23 adults, 3 kids and 4 dogs set off for a beautiful run out from the Queen’s Head.  The Amateur didn’t sound his horn at the first check so a few were lost right at the start but we soon caught up to encounter a little friskiness from a mini pony!  Along Kinver Edge and a welcome HH with beers, soft drinks and plenty of sweets.  A wonderful downpour of rain in the sunshine with a wonderful rainbow to go with it, however,  despite the glorious scenery, Wrong still felt wronged at the amount of road running this evening and short-cutted back to the on-inn.
Our RA wasn’t able to run again this evening but she was back at the on-inn to award down-downs to Saint for his mini-me hash; to Hot Lips for her 50 shades of Olympic trampolining; Mike who was felled by his very own disloyal dog; the 3 mini-me’s – Windy Miller, Lost Skywalker and Caleb; special mention, as always, goes to Hard On for his new trainers, and to Hard On and Italian Job for their shenanigans on the car park (a bit of a cock fight if the truth be told) 
Caleb was named Dananananananananananananananana Batman!  And Mike was named Get Down Shep.
Hot Lips

Next week: The Cat at Enville

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