Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Cat Inn, Enville

# 211
Date: Thursday 9th August
Pub: The Cat Inn, Enville
Food: meat or veggie lasagne
Beers: Enville Ale,Enville Ginger Beer Enville White, Porter, Hobsons, HPA
Hare: Compost (with a little help from Wrong!)
Virgins: none
Visitors: Richard from Jersey, wife & son of Lassie

Trail: so at last we have some summer sunshine!  Most had to battle with the roadworks on the A449 to get to the Cat but about 25 hashers, a few walkers, a handful of kids and the usual pack of dogs turned up for a wonderful evening’s trek around the countryside.  The kids set off as the front-runners but we somehow ended up at the first halt without them - luckily, our friendly copper herded them up at the rear.  Some very tall foliage this evening with dried out oil seed rape fields and nettles; some skittish horses, near Enville Hall and we were all on adder alert on the (shortened version) home run.

Doggy Fashion awarded down downs to Compost and Wrong for their safari hash, Richard our visitor (the RA certainly seemed quite excited at having a “big dick” in the room); Copulation for looking at Annie’s inner goddess and farting (not because he looked at Annie’s inner goddess I hope you understand!).  There were some Olympic awards too: the bronze was awarded to Crossdresser for his 4 day endurance on his computer trying to get Olympic tickets; silver was awarded to Steve (son of Lassie) for his pole vault event without the pole and the gold was awarded to the Amateur for picking up Wrong’s right trail and running 9 miles! Was this caused by an inner Tom-Tom failure?  His hash horn was certainly a bit hoarse earlier…
Hot Lips

Next week: The Honey Bee, Doverdale

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