Monday, 16 July 2012

Family Hash Wolverley

#207 (Family Hash)

Date: Sunday 15th July 2012, 11am
Venue: Brookfield House, Wolverley
Food & drink: BBQ (homemade sausages and burgers), wine, beer & soft drinks, homemade cakes
Hares: Darth Radar, Clodhopper & Hopscotch

9 adults, 9 kids and 2 dogs turned out for a lovely DRY run at last - hooray!!!!  A great route with loads of stingers, loads of mud and the hash halts renamed as Haribo Halts!  Starting out through the lanes of Wolverley along to Low Habberley, with a little shortcutting from Hopscotch and Cleopatra – tut tut!

Down into Habberley Valley with a longer run for the energetic legs and a designated shortcut for the tired little legs.  The junior hashers then raced to the top of Pecketts rock, leaving the grown-ups fretting on the slippy sandstone below, although the footholes ensured that everyone climbed up eventually!

Out of the valley, running back along a path full of stinging nettles - I think Lost Skywalker and Windy Miller clocked up the most stings!  A couple of muddy cattle and horse fields to negotiate before ending up back at Brookfield House.  A refreshing dip in the pool with lots of fun & frolics, followed by Clodhopper’s homemade BBQ’d sausages & burgers –deeelicious! A highlight for the children was feeding the pigs (ready for next year’s BBQ?)

Crossdresser awarded down-downs to Darth Radar, Hopscotch and Clodhopper for their super hash, super food, super pool and super hospitality – thank you very much!  Darth Radar was noted for being a front-running hare – not a typical style, but then, there are no rules in this game!  Hopscotch and Cleopatra for their shortcutting (as adults, they really should know better!) For first-timers Chris, Caleb and Maya – well done!  3 girls were named this afternoon: Ellie & Lauren as Thing 1 and Thing 2 and Maya as Sleeping Beauty (for spending most of the hash on mum’s/Clodhopper’s shoulders and actually saying she’d rather be in bed!)  We need more family hashes – particularly if the sun is going to shine like this! : )

Hot Lips

P.S. my legs are still tingling from those nettles!

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