Monday, 8 March 2010

The Reindeer Hash, Ombersley Thursday 4th March 2010

Well, What a gentle way back into hasing for our Hare, Lassie.

A little over 4 miles of easy flattish terrain for one who has not hashed since Xmas. A comment was made about the length of some of the false routes. Sheep, cows and bulls were mentioned at the brief but none were seen. Saint was seen to be using the GPS of his mobile to plot the route but it or he had a technical malfunction precluding the end of the hash!

The Reindeer was a strange pub. It had been closed each time the hare tried to reccky it but only made contact after laying the hash. We hashers seemed to be the only patrons and whilst the menu looked extensive, we were quickly informed of its actual limitations. The Barmade was friendly and efficient throughout!

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