Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Talbot Inn, Newnham Bridge

# 259

Date: Thursday 20th June 2013 
Pub: The Talbot Inn, Newnham Bridge
Beers: Hobsons, Shropshire Lass, Stowford Press and Robinsons cider
Food: Sausage & mash / veggie tagliatelle
Hares: Penelope Pitstop & The Pro
Virgins: Phil, Mike, Callum & Sam
Visitors: Stretchy

GM passed on our condolences to Annie & Susie as their dad sadly died last night.

Trail: It was refreshing to see that Penelope Pitstop had arrived early for her own hash and wasn’t screeching into the car park, late and on two wheels, which is the usual start to Thursday nights. 

A great trail of 2 halves this evening: half on and half off road. Did PP lay the on road trail from the Range Rover, whilst sending the Pro to lay the off road bit? Who knows (or cares) but it was a lovely warm evening for a great hash, albeit a little humid.

And so, out of the car park (field), turning right over the bridge and along the A456 before turning off and running along the lanes. No treats to tempt us at the first HH and so we headed off again but the going got so tough at the following crossroads that noone could be bothered to check it out. It was all OK because Penelope Pitstop also forgot the rules and waved us in the right direction anyway – hooray!

A few fields, styles and nettles, plus the sparring of the Amateur and Tweeny, who both had the horn. A little confusion as we almost lost the path, not to mention the flour, but all was not lost as Say No More picked up the trail again through the caravan park.

Hash Quack and Say No More ran straight past the 2nd HH, which was so well hidden a helicopter could have landed on it. Pimms cocktail and homemade cup cakes, in various sizes, finally brought some class to tonight’s hash.
Some lovely off road, with wammels a-plenty, before dipping down through what looked like someone’s back garden, complete with picnic table and swing. Whilst most of us went down to the kissing bridge - there weren’t many takers - Wrong treated us to a repeat of Say No More’s favourite joke – ar, he’s a funny ‘un. 

The 3rd HH came with sweets and the announcement that the Pro would have to lead us back out to the road before we could pick up the trail again (something to do with excessive undergrowth). 2 hashers really got into the swing of things, whilst a 3rd tried to join in with a bribe of sweets.
Tonight’s yin & yang theme (on & off road, Pimms cocktail and Haribo, boys and girls etc) continued back at the pub with Tagliatelle and bangers & mash – they say opposites attract!

Down downs: awarded by Cross Dresser (as Doggy Fashion is still poorly) to the Pro & Penelope Pitstop for their wonderful hash – a great mix of roads and fields plus the Pimms of course; virgins: Phil for being too good looking; Mike for being too sweaty; the Venga boys: Sam for almost leaving his jewels on a stile, and Callum for having a poo at the 2nd HH (I suppose it was his house after all); and then to Bristols for being woken up at 11pm on Tuesday by Say No More wanting a cup of tea plus also for getting lost this evening(?). The final down down was awarded to Say No More herself by Stretch, who was warned not to be too funny and did well not to be put off despite having Shag’s phone in his face with our own RA listening in! There was a lengthy preamble but, to cut a long story short, he was quite taken by her story of the farmer who sheared sheep with his combine harvester?!?! Utter nonsense!

Hot Lips x

Next week – meeting at Astley Church (Tiffin afterwards at the Kings Arms, Areley Common)

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