Friday, 14 November 2014

Brookfield House

Hash 333
Date: Thursday 6th November 2014
Venue: Brookfield House, Wolverley
Food: homemade bangers & mash
Beers: BYO
Hare: Clodhopper
Visitors/virgins: none
Trail: Clodhopper's Bangers & Hash
There was a doggy theme tonight - Say No More had spied an apparently good dogging spot before we'd even set out - Say No More indeed!
Jasper was very excitable inside and out and then Demon Dog appeared and got to marking anything and everything in an equally excitable manner (much to Game Bird's amusement)
And so, 16 hashers, 2 Hashlings, 2 hash hounds, some overly bright torches, some rain, order called by Who's the Daddy and tonight's trail introduced by Clodhopper: laid in sawdust, about 5 miles, 3 and you're on and 3 hash halts.
Lassie was brave in his bare legs and brand new trainers and he and the Amateur were off, checking every which way right from the start as we headed back down towards Wolverley. Confusion at a crossing meant that, quite effortlessly, Game Bird and myself became FRBs!
Into the boggy fields of no mans land and down to Wolverley Court Lock and the first HH. All sorts were shared, Shirley was heard to mention threesomes but Shag had remembered the birds from around these parts...
More confusion as Whiplash fled off down the towpath, we duly followed, only to be called back and over to the other side. Shag mischievously led everyone up a falsie and was still chuckling to himself as his Demon Dog was also leading Jasper astray as he came close to upending Doggy Fashion and The Pro.
More off road, lots more mud and puddles, more FRB action from Game Bird, Doggy Fashion and myself until disorientation along the towpath found us near the back again.
The Pro had gone AWOL at the last HH, the Amateur lamented his woe and gave a sad blow of his horn but to no avail. We therefore set off for the final furlong, back through the lanes of Fairfield and more shaggy dog stories as Doggy Fashion told me of her pooch just as Jasper tried to trip her with his lead yet again!
A great hash and back to the on in for bangers and bangers and mash!
Hot Lips x
Down downs were awarded by tonight's guest RA Doggy Fashion:
Hopscotch for food and hosting
Clodhoper for the best hash ever and water skiing with jasper
Lassie for new shoes he drank his down down from
3 new namings:
Jody - Green Sleeves for always wearing green tops,
Will - Led Head as he has an led headlight but the light bit was missing from the elastic
And mum, Kirsty is Kinky Boots as she arrived at the firework party in lace up knee high boots the naughty girl xxxx
Next week: The Fox, Hanley Broadheath, WR15 8QS
African Safari theme

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