Monday, 19 November 2012

Eagle & Serpent, Kinlet

Eagle & Serpent, Kinlet
Food: Chilli and jackets, or cheesy beans and jackets
Ale: Hobsons Mild, Hobsons Town Crier, Enville Ale, Robertsons Cider, a dry martini (shaken not stirred) for Berto
Hares: The Amateur & Penelope Pitstop

Another muddy Hash

There was an undefinable tension in the air as the hashers met at The Eagle & Serpent. Was it the return of Troll? Was it the mysterious disappearance of Penelope Pitstop after laying the trail with The Amateur? Or was it something else…….love maybe?

As the intrepid hashers set off, with the hollow words 'it's only about 4 miles' ringing in their ears, several whispered conversations tried to establish what was going on. Rumours circulated, and it seemed as though love was definitely in the air…..but who was it? Despite a number of people being in the frame, it turns out it was only The Gift Who Keeps On Giving…..namely Berto AKA Hard on! He'd only been pimping himself out.

Ladies, for £250 (what a bargain), you can have yourself an evening out with the pride of Clown Hill, the Italian Stallion, the one and only Berto. He won't touch, he'll be a gent, and he's a spitting image of Robbie Williams. Who could ask for more?! Crossdresser and Shag were heard to mutter bitterly, that if could get £250, they were surely good for £300! Sounds both optimistic and jealous.

Anyway, it's fair to say that all this love talk pre-occupied the hash, (apart from Shag, who was too busy be bagging Wrong) keeping it's collective mind off the knee deep mud, testing terrain and holes filled with sharpened sticks. Some tried feebly to determine where Penelope was tied up, but gave up fairly quickly. Wet Wipe tried to keep his trainers clean, Tits or Treats tried to stay on her feet and Troll realised it was nothing like Battersea Park!

BTW, it turns out Berto was lying about the £250! He did it for free, probably just in case he got the opportunity to show off his waxed torso!

Down Downs: The Amateur for an outstanding hash, Troll for leaving that London behind and getting his shoes dirty, Tits or Treats for a 2 1Ž2 tucked somersault, Wrong for allowing himself to be undressed by Shag

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