Saturday, 10 November 2012

Three Crowns & Sugar loaf, Kidderminster

Where's Wally fancy dress Hash
We found Wally!

# 225
Date: Thursday 8th November
Pub: The Three Crowns and Sugar Loaf, Kidderminster
Food: off the menu
Beer: Banks’s, Sneck Lifter, Ringwood, 49er, Strongbow cider
Hares: Cinderella & Darth Radar
Virgins: Phil, James & Jordan
Visitors: Carina

Trail: over 25 Wallys, Wendas, Oddlaws and Woofs (sadly, no Wizard Whitebeards) for tonights Where’s Wally hash, laid by the youngsters in a where’s the flour theme!  We all missed Doggy Fashion & Tit or Treats hiding in the car park and off we set down towards Franche, with a twisty-turny route onto Wilton Avenue and back out onto the Franche road and into the White Wickets field for the first HH, where we didn’t have to find Wally’s key or Wenda’s camera but we did have a few sweets.  Next, up towards the Briars, through Ferndale and onto the cornfields for the 2nd HH; again, we didn’t have to find Wizard Whitebeard’s scroll or Oddlaw’s binoculars but had some more sweets and some fizz.  Up to Low Habberley and into Habberley Valley, where it really was a case of where’s the flour!  To Peckett’s rock for the 3rd HH, where everyone actually stopped this evening!  We didn’t have to look for Woof’s bone but one of our virgins was caught looking for his clothes.  Out of the valley, cutting back down below the golf course, down to the Bridgnoth Road & back to the on inn.

Down downs: awarded by Doggy Fashion to Cinderella and Darth Radar for their wonderful hash – thanks kids! To our virgins, Phil & James, and also to Jordan for turning up in dayglow laces, relieving himself in public and then asking the RA for wet wipes back at the on inn, therefore earning him the name “Wet Wipe;” for the 2 birthday boys: Clodhopper & Who’s the Daddy; and for Game Bird to show our appreciation for her clever cup cakes (next week’s creation might need certification…)

Hot Lips x

Next week: The Eagle and Serpent, Kinlet. Wear off road shoes!!!

Who's the Daddy in his birthday suit!

Birthday cup cakes for birthday boys
 Clodhopper and Who's the Daddy

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