Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Angel, Stourport

#  231
Date: Thursday 13th December 2012
Venue: The Angel, Stourport
Food: The best Christmas dinner ever!  Turkey / beef / veggie dinner with all the trimmings + Lassie’s mince pies + Game Bird’s giant Xmas cupcake
Beer: Banks’s mild & bitter, Sunbeam, Thatcher’s scrumpy cider & Strongbow
Hares: Hash Quack (live) plus help from Get Down Shep
Virgins: Claire & Gary & 2 other girls!
Visitors: none
Trail: Wow! An excellent turn out for tonight’s Christmas lights hash.  A sparkly Christmas fairy, a twinkling Christmas tree and plenty more Christmas lights, tinsel and a few baubles set off down the river, with a little confusion at the start, causing us all to run around in circles before picking up the right trail.   Once we got going, the beautifully illuminated trail of hashers was really a sight to behold on this cold & frosty evening.  We thought we may have lost a couple at the first HH (at least we still had the virgins) but maybe there’d been a miscalculation at the start…?  Oh well, back down the river, to the marina and out onto Sandy Lane where a few thought they’d try to see how many hashers they could get into a phone box (they’re crazy and they know it).  Across onto Hartlebury Common, where the sandy, hilly terrain ensured we knew who’s trail this was!  Back down past the old power station and to the on inn for the best meal of the year!  Merry Christmas all!!

Down downs: Hash Quack for being the live hare and keeping this chilly run to a reasonable distance (it MUST be Christmas!); Virgins: Claire & Gary (for not getting lost); Lassie for his dessert contribution; Tits or Treats for her new floss and also for only realising this was a live trail on the way back; Hard On for his new boxers; Sponge Bob for the best fancy dress (Christmas Pirate!); Chase the Rainbow for his admission of his hatred for sprouts and tonight’s rustling in the leaves, earning him the new festive name “Russell Sprouts!”
Hot Lips x

Next week: Black Boy Wyre Hill, Bewdley (no dressing up)

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