Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Steps House, Stourport

# 230
Date: Thursday 6th December
Pub: The Steps House, Stourport
Food: off the menu
Beer: Bathams bitter, Guinness,  Stowford Press cider
Hares: Shag & Tits or Treats
Virgins: none
Visitors: none

Trail: This pub has the steepest, smallest car park meaning parking was a feat in itself! But despite this and the rainy conditions (again), about 20 or so hashers and a few of the usual canines dressed to impress in their red dresses and tinsel boas.  Starting off with the steep uphill climb behind the pub and into town to dazzle along with the Xmas lights (& causing lots of tooting).  More checks than spots caused a little confusion at times but we somehow managed to stay together, getting to the 1st HH down at the riverside park.  Too much rain to hang around, so lip gloss was reapplied and we were off again, up the steps onto the bridge and down towards Areley Kings, where we were treated to Bucks fizz and beer at the 2nd HH.  Heading back towards the Dunley road, crossing over and onto the Walshes estate, where anything could happen… and it did…  A marked police car singled Copulation out and kerb-crawled him, finally pulling him (over).  Was it the backless dress?  Was it the amount of flesh on show on this cold, cold night? Or was it just a case of WTFs going on?  And so, let off on a caution (heels rather than flats, obviously) he rejoined the rest of us to make our way, rather uneventfully, around the rest of the estate.  Another 2 HHs with plenty more sweets, then back down along the river, crossing the one and only bridge in Stourport (honest gov), past the funfair and back to the on inn.

Down downs: awarded, rather appropriately, by Crossdresser (tonight’s stand in RA) to the hares for their great hash, almost only laid in checks and their domestic regarding the bridge over the river Severn; honourable mentions on the dressing up to Hard On (irresistible?) and Wrong who caused a bit of a stir back at the on inn but down downs for Slim boy Fat who’s outfit resulted in a bit of moob chafing and Copulation who’s saucy outfit resulted in being pulled (over) by a copper! Namings: Phil, now known as The Fiddler, for telling people he’s in a job where he plays with it… oh, IT! And James, who ate almost his own bodyweight in skittles, resulting in him being named Chase the Rainbow.  More down downs for Game Bird for NOT getting engaged but being a homewrecker (?); Legover for his Saturday night out 2nd only date – he’s not called Legover for nothing y’know! Eamon for his 1st ever hash when he’s not driving so he’s drinking (and he;s desperate) and finally (because there was one left over) for Lassie for turning up in his uniform…

Hot Lips x

Next week: The Angel, Stourport (food order to Lassie via link on website asap)
This Saturday: Bikini & Bermudas party at Brookfield House, 7.30pm (children welcome)

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