Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Dog at Dunley

# 236
Date: Thursday 10th January 2013
Pub: The Dog Inn, Dunley
Food: Steak & ale pie & chips or baked potato with beans
Beers: HPA, Banks’s original
Hare: The Amateur
Visitors: none
Virgins: none

Trail: top marks for the best laid trail but the terrain left a little to be desired; a few narrow, overgrown paths, a lot of water and a lot of mud, some of which the RA slipped in as she approached the first HH.  Get Down Shep got down in the brambles and Clodhopper missed his footing and also succumbed to the muddy bottom brigade.  Captain Caveman adopted the hash horn role this evening but also subjected us to a running commentary throughout the hash!
Down downs: The Amateur, despite his easy trail, for letting the RA get left behind and almost lost and for the lack of sweets; Clodhopper for twinning with the RA as the 2nd chocolate bum; Copulation for losing a shoe; Get Down Shep for his face-off with the brambles; Torchy the Battery Boy for his Game Bird whipping; Father Christmas for her Bambi on ice spectacular; and finally to Bushwhacker (Captain Caveman) for his constant narrative despite having the horn. 

Hot Lips x

Next week: The Swan Inn, Chaddesley Corbett

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