Saturday, 16 February 2013

“Brackenhurst” Bewdley

# 241

Date: Thursday 14th February 2013
Venue: “Brackenhurst” Bewdley
Food: homemade meat / veggie (chicken) chilli & rice, courtesy of Crossdresser’s mum
Beers: Carlsberg, Strongbow, pink fizz, tea & coffee beautifully served by Maitre d’ Tommie & head waitress Ellie
Hare: Crossdresser and Game Bird
Virgins: Doug
Visitors: none

Trail: Doggy Fashion explained tonight’s game rules and we were on on with our first dates in couples, and some threesomes, for tonight’s lovers’ hash.  Wet and muddy to the first HH (no surprises there); we were all left disappointed by the supposed sweet-stealing, only to be distracted by The Pro, Cyclopath and Doggy Fashion’s molesting.  Some partner-swapping and we were off again towards the next HH with our second dates, with a hairy moment for Shag as Demon Dog had a close encounter with a car and Father Christmas almost fell for Russell Sprout along the way and needed Wet Wipe and Wrong to guide her back to safety. 
Another partner swap at the next HH (still no sweets) and off we went along the lanes with our final dates, where Hotlips fell for the antics of Crossdresser and Dr Whiplash despite being attached to Tits or Treats.  With all the injuries, the dating was soon forgotten and we headed back to the on inn where the meet and greet by the youngsters was second to none.

Down downs: awarded by Doggy Fashion to Crossdresser and Game Bird for their sweetless hash (with added Valentines pants); Shag for talking to himself after nearly losing Demon Dog (he did look a bit peaky at one point); Virgin, Doug who’s travelled all the way from Kinver, Superman style, to be named –ahem - Bubbles; then the numerous fallers this evening: The Pro who fell twice, Father Christmas who fell well and truly; and Hotlips who fell head over heels;
Crossdresser and Dr Whiplash for their wreckless behaviour; Tommy and Ellie for being splendid and finally to  Crossdresser’s mum and dad for their wonderful hospitality – many thanks!

Hotlips x

Next week: The Reindeer, Ombersley

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