Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Baiting House, Upper Sapey (or Worst Hash Ever)

#281 (Worst Hash Ever) or The Baiting House, Upper Sapey

Date: 21st November 2013
Pub: The Baiting House, Upper Sapey
Beers: Dunno
Food: The Best Lasagne in the World, Veggie Curry
Hares: Shag and Webby

Well. The moon looked great tonight as we set off across fields on what turned out to be a guided ramble, on a route not dissimilar to that of Shag's 50th birthday hash... We had 2 hash halts at locations with easy access to roads (possibly so that flour could be chucked from car windows) but we didn't care. We had marshmallows.
We were promised mud, and we got mud. The third hash halt (Carpy's beautiful Georgian farmhouse) was an oasis of gentility in a sea of slurry. I'm not sure their decking will recover. And neither will my toenails, which are still stained greeny brown (although according to Doggy Fashion this can be sorted with a spot of purple nail varnish).

Down downs:
Hares Shag and Webby for the worst hash ever (it seemed to the 20 or so hashers that they had started off with good intentions, sprinkling a bit of finest whole grain flour for half a mile or so, and then decided they'd go back to the pub for a few beers but then couldn't really be bothered to complete the task), Bruce for planning to turn up in shorts to pretend he'd run but in the end couldn't even be bothered to do that, Lassie for having new shoes and a naming for Rachel 3rd: Still Sore as this was her response to Annie's question "how are you feeling after the weekend?".

Ok, bye!


Next week: The Button Oak, Button Oak

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