Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Land Oak, Kidderminster

# 180

Date: Thursday 14th November 2013 
Pub: The Land Oak, Kidderminster
Beers: Hobgoblin & Banks’s Bitter
Food: 2 for 1 off the menu
Hare: Clodhopper
Visitors / virgins: none

Trail: The unpredictable hash...

A cold, wintry evening saw Clodhopper arise from his sick bed to rescue tonight’s fun and games, and fun and games they certainly were! About 20 hashers (no wammals) set off down Chester Road North, turning left into Hurcott Road, encountering some confusion on the brow of the hill causing the FRBs to end up at the back before heading back and down Gheluvelt Avenue. 

The Amateur and Say No More got back to the front as we went down to the foxholes and behind the houses on the Stourbridge road. Game Bird was given some inside information and swiftly made it down to Springfield park to the 1st HH. Darth Radar shared the fruit pastilles and Doggy Fashion was impressed with the offerings.

Across (not through) the stream and all areas were being checked out but Say No More managed to pick up the trail whilst we were out in the open, although lost it again once we headed into the muddy woods. Another complete turnaround with the FRBs at the back yet again kept Clodhopper chuckling to himself! 

Back along canal to the 2nd HH, with another fine selection of sweets, but a missed Hash View. Shag was making his own hash view courtesy of Hot Lips, Doggy Fashion and Wrong, who’d made a welcome return. It’ll be interesting to see if he gets his new App. patented.

Back down towards the park on Waterside Grange, where Shag wanted another impromptu HH but was left alone on the climbing frame. Round onto the canal towpath again and we experienced Clodhopper’s twisty turny way of a straight route!

Down to the bridge and much more confusion as noone was calling and everyone was everywhere! Beavis and Butthead were way out front and probably causing the confusion, meanwhile, Hotlips, Cleopatra & Game Bird were FRBs on more than one occasion – go girls!

Lassie had missed 2 HH’s and was found at the 3rd, Who’s the Daddy was on a red bull roll and was pretty unstoppable and Shag actually was on his best behaviour, for once, despite being goaded for information! Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy are safe this week.

The last part of the trail gained even more unpredictability as it took us under the underpass, where Beavis & Butthead charmed us with their dulcet cavemen tones. The Amateur tried finding a trail that wasn’t there and ended up at the back yet again, with him and the Pro discussing the advantages of good hearing. 

Down onto the towpath again, cutting back onto Weaver’s Wharf, past Frankie & Benny’s and into town where some of us were showered with salt grit (just in case we were freezing). Through the town centre, up the old high street, right onto Worcester Street and a very cheeky checkback taking us up the steps onto Bromsgrove Street. 

The final HH before setting off under the subway and following our noses back to the on inn – but oh no, Clodhopper hadn’t finished with us yet! Yet more twists and turns up Offmore road, winding back onto Leswell Lane then back down to Offmore Road again, scaring some poor householder stupid as we hollered past her window. Back onto the Chester Road and a straightforward On Inn – although I was sure we were going to be led a merry dance somewhere along the way…

Down downs: awarded by Doggy Fashion to Clodhopper for his brilliant hash, keeping everyone on their toes & giving everyone a chance at being an FRB; Lassie, who finally came home and is finally out of the doghouse too; and finally to Game Bird and Cyclopath for using Sainsbury’s for their “conveniences”

Hope you’re all having a fabulous hash weekend : )

Hot Lips x

Next week: The Baiting House, Upper Sapey, WR6 6XT

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