Wednesday, 11 December 2013

# 283

Date: Thursday 5th December 2013 
Pub: The Constitutional Club, Kinver
Beers: Gothic Ale, Enville Ginger Beer, the list went on and on…
Food: off the menu (I would really recommend the quiche)
Hare: Dr Whiplash (with a little help from his lovely assistant, Bubbles)
Visitors / virgins: none

Trail: The Hashy Birthday Hash.

It was a lovely evening, now that the wind had died down, Shag had been let out with the posh motor this evening but still had to tie his own shoelaces, Cross Dresser was just relieved to be out, whilst Russell Sprout was in his own little musical world.

There were no real rules tonight, we would hopefully find some flour and hopefully make it around Kinver and be back in time for tea, but who knows? No hash horn this evening – hopefully he made it out of Mortimer forest at the weekend?

Some started off the wrong way, certain they were on the right trail, only to be called back down the High Street. And so off down to the canal, where someone else was sure it wouldn’t be this way but we were wrong again!

Lots of lovely off road (although the Enville ginger beer seems to have wiped out my memory of most of the run!) There was a hash halt near the canal, where Cleopatra was tempted to push Shag over the bridge into the water. He narrowly escaped to tell the story of Lily Savage and the spinning pensioner.

We couldn’t decide who was responsible for the perfectly circular checks: Dr Whiplash or his glamorous assistant Bubbles. Some technical drawing implements had obviously been drafted in for the occasion.

The last HH followed the ascent to Whiplash’s house, although we had to make do with drinks and mince pies served from the boot of his car. He was congratulated for the provision of Panache, whereas I broke out into some cheesy poetry.

Dr Jeckyll got caught out on the trail, as his other half couldn’t be bothered to check it out with him (we were far too busy chatting!) It was a long way back down to the on inn, Copulation finding some extra wind power to speed him up.

A few birthday beers, some good pub grub, Game Bird’s delicious cakes and a round of “Happy Birthday to you” saw the night off quite nicely!

Down downs: awarded by Doggy Fashion to Dr Whiplash for his happy birthday philosophical hash, where you knew you were on if you weren’t wrong, some precision circles and the car boot hash halt; Dr Jeckyll for calling a false when it wasn’t, Sucks It Up for sending Dr Jeckyll to check out a trail as she couldn’t be bothered to check it herself and finally to Say No More for flashing the RA and Dr Jeckyll back at the on inn!

Hot Lips x

Next week: The Viaduct, Kidderminster, DY10 1XL

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