Friday, 20 December 2013

#285 Christmas Curry Hash

#285 Christmas Curry Hash

Date: Thursday 19th December, 2013
Venue: Bombay Blues, Kidderminster
Beers: extortionate
Food: Indian fayre
Hares: Crossdresser, Legover, Game Bird and Bubbles, apparently
Visitors/virgins: none

There was a weird sense of déjà-vu (note: French phrase thrown into causual conversation, see posh test) amongst the 25 or so hashers gathered outside Bombay Blues. There was confusion over who was the actual hare, confusion over sweets…beer…GM…was it actually live…should we head straight into the restaurant?

Game Bird assured us she knew the first part of the trail so we set off to meet Crossdresser and Legover at the first HH. The trail took us round the ring road and back into town, where we weaved on the wharf, in and out of Christmas shoppers, splashing in puddles before finding our way to the canal. We took refuge under the bridge from the youths hollering at Cyclopath for the first HH. There was nearly a bag of sweets each but sadly no beer.

We carried on and I wasn’t really paying attention so I can’t remember where we went exactly…it was like a bad dream as we dodged syringes in the graveyard at St George’s, while discussing favourite Christmas songs (Game Bird’s is ‘something about a sleigh’ but she can’t remember what it’s called/how it goes, but it’s her best Christmas song ever!). There was much fretting over Charlie as he wasn’t used to the bright lights of Kiddy and kept wandering into the traffic. There was another HH and it was mentioned, not for the first time, how disappointing it was not to have any Panaché, due to a chain of unfortunate events involving campervans, car boots and kids with temperatures. Oh, and the shop over the road from Hot Lips. It was easier just to blame Cleopatra for being useless. Again. 

Anyway, the trail took us to THAT footbridge from last week, where this time we didn’t have Brussels sprouts, but Copulation did have the pleasure of his nipples’ being nibbled by Legover and pecked by Cleopatra. Think it made up for last week’s disaster. We carried on back towards Comberton Hill and under the underpass towards the ON INN SCOTT by the Glades.

Charlie the opportunist spotted the slowly closing door of Bargain Booze and dived in, much to his master’s amazement. As Shag apologetically retrieved his posh dog, the customers stared in wonder.

We all needed to sit down at the v. long table to recover from the prices of the drinks. The posh test was carried out to keep us amused while we waited for EVER for our food. No surprise that Hash Quack scored the most highly with a whopping 71%! If you’d like to see if you’re more posh than HQ, check it out at

Down downs:
Were awarded by Doggy Fash to hares: alpha male Doug, Crossdresser, Game Bird for being too busy (saving for her wedding?*), Stuart for going missing, Legover for his impressive Rudolph costume and assistant hare duties, and Cyclopath the fox!

Gotta go and nurse my burnt mouth and indigestion. 

Love you, bye!


Next week: Family hash at HQ’s 11am Sunday 22nd December. 3 mile and 6 mile routes available.
Boxing Day run 11am Cross Keys, Suckley.

*no wedding has yet been announced

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