Friday, 10 January 2014

The Alma Tavern, Worcester


Date: Thursday 9th January, 2014
Pub: The Alma Tavern, Worcester
Beer: Draught John Smiths bitter, Banks Mild
Food: massive trays of chips, with meat or veggie lasagne or chicken curry
Hare: Who's the Daddy
Virgins/visitors: Esme, Tom, Dangerous Dave

Spirits were high as the 25 or so (didn't actually count) hashers mingled with Crossdressers' work colleagues and Still Sore's friend Esme. It was worth the trek all the way down to Worcester, as we were treated to the return of Wet Wipe and the elusive Early Riser.

As we set off up and down the Droitwich Road (with the hare on his bike), there was momentary confusion as nobody had explained the rules to the virgins. There were random joggers running the wrong way to confuse things even more but we eventually found some carefully laid flour. 

I'm sorry but I don't know any street names or local points of interest, but it was all very nice. At one point it looked like we were going to go along the canal, the locals amongst us trying to guess the route, but the hare foxed us all and sent us round the houses. We crossed over the canal, most of us sensibly over the lock gate, but a few young guns didn't think that was dangerous enough, so jumped across the empty lock. Then Copulation had to have a go too, and we were all relieved when everyone was safely over to the other side. Don't try this at home!

Even the yoots in the park were well-dressed and pleasant, though they did heckle us as we dispersed, looking for freshly laid flour. The trail was found and we ran along the canal, trying not to send passing cyclists into the water. There was a hash halt under a bridge with supermarket own-brand sweets. 

So we did some more running and shouting and I have no idea where we went as I was deep in conversation with Russell Sprout about Xboxes. We ended up at another hash halt with Panaché (my predictive text recognises this word now, amazing) and more supermarket own-brand sweets. Which isn't a criticism at all. 

Then I can't remember how we got there, but there was a third hash halt where Plays With IT didn't seem overly concerned that his son was missing in action, along with Torchy and Early Riser. We were entertained with stories about Tom's wardrobe, bless him.

It wasn't far then until the On Inn, but we nearly lost Legover as he was checking it out. He suddenly found himself caught in the high tide in the park.

On our return to the pub we were relieved to see Early Riser, Russell Sprout and Torchy.

What a lovely hash!

Down downs:
Awarded by the lovely Doggie Fashion to hare Who's the Daddy (I always think of Spotted Dick when I write that, what happened to him?), virgins Esme (who had gone home), along with a naming for Tom: Triple Denim for his fashion faux pas. Triple Denim was so keen and we were all so taken with him, he was awarded an extra prize. Wet Wipe also got a down down for being bang tidy, and I think Dangerous for visiting, Copulation for being bare-chested with trousers 'ajar' in the car park, along with a mention for Legover being completely naked after his Austin Powers style manoeuvring.

Tara a bit!


Disclaimer for Copulation: 
All persons featuring in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 

11th January: Family Hash, Bewdley Wassail, Gardeners Meadow Car Park.

Next week: The Hampstall, Astley Burf

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