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The Ladybird, Aston Fields, Bromsgrove

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Date: Thursday 3rd April, 2014
Pub: The Ladybird, Aston Fields, Bromsgrove
Beers: Bathams yum yum!
Food: Best Chicken Curry, Rice and Chips EVER!
Hare: Crossdresser (minus Wet Wipe and Triple Denim)
Visitors/Virgins: None. But welcome return of Early Riser, Olivia and Christian
I'm feeling insecure about my writing after the recent competitive blogging but I'm hoping there's still a space for my vague ramblings.
We had a nervous hare tonight. Would people turn up to the first British Summer Time hash, what with it being all the way out in Bromsgrove, given the current weather conditions?
As usual, there were 25 or so hashers, who were also nervous. Would we need torches? Masks? Sunglasses?

We set off amidst the chaos of the temporary traffic lights and I'm pretty sure we went left and eventually left again down towards the train line. A long, straight stretch alongside the railway followed until we came to a hash halt. As it was to be the first of 5, Crossdresser allowed us to have one or two Haribos, while watching that Darth Radar didn't scoff them all. Is this the one that Early Riser missed? I'm not sure. I know we went through a smart estate of new-builds and reached a canal before heading over (under?) the railway line towards the Queen's Head. Shag thought it looked like the kind of place you could take a lady. This might be where we lost Early Riser but he was on familiar territory. Which was good because it was starting to go dark as the trail led us through slippery fields with cute lambs (aahhh).

The air was heavy and the more feeble amongst us were starting to suffer with the lack of oxygen. The third (?) hash halt at the Gate Hangs Well was a perfect comfort stop for a half of Doom Bar and a wee. I loved the fact that although Charlie is never under control on the roads, his master had dutifully put his lead on him, heeding the 'Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead' sign. As Charlie was wandering around trailing said lead, Shag pointed out that it doesn't say anyone has to be actually holding the lead...

Anyway this is probably where the rain started...just gentle spitting at first, which washed away the Saharan dust quite nicely. It got heavier and heavier and it was clear we were still miles from the On Inn. Copulation was keen to get back for his night shift as Clodhopper searched frantically for flour without a torch.

Somewhere around here we met a herd of stampeding cows and there was the temporary relief of a forest trail which offered some shelter from the rain. The conditions were likened to the Battle of the Somme as it became increasingly muddy.

A final HH by a canal didn't last long as we were keen to get home and dry as we slipped and slid across a field and hit the lanes that would take us back to the Ladybird Inn.
Down downs:
Doggy Fashion kindly gave Crossdresser his own 2/3 pint for almost the best hash ever. Who's the Daddy got one for his stylish apparel while Cyclopath earned one for her American speed walking. Torchy got one but I can't remember why. Soz.
The curry was amazing. You'd have loved it, Copulation. And there was loads. Dangerous turned up for food and Darth Radar and Buzz Lightyear had such fun with the large magnet.
Nearly had Keygate II as it became apparent that my car key was missing the crucial half needed to start the engine. It was fine, though.
Cleopatra x
Next week: The New Inn, Shrawley

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