Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Swan, Martin Hussingtree

Hash 304
Date: Thursday 17th April 2014
Pub: The Swan, Martin Hussingtree
Beers: Hobgoblin, Cockerhoop, Brakspear Bitter
Food: 2 for £10 off the menu
Hare: Lassie (the Easter bunny)
Visitors/virgins: Olivia & Henry
Trail: Lassie's Easter bunny trail
It was lovely to see a few Hashlings out this evening as Windy Miller, Thing 2 and Batman had joined the 20 hashers and 3 wammals. Some questioned the lack of information on the website about bringing their own Hashlings whilst the astute amongst us knew it was the Easter holidays as the peskies had almost had one week of driving us insane already. Great to see both of the Ward teens were back from Uni too.
A later start this evening as we were waiting for folk to arrive - Cinderella, chauffeuring Clodhopper, screeched into the car park on 2 wheels & precision-parked neatly into a space; Game Bird & Cyclopath careered into the next space, only to go off on their own trail; finally Leg Over appeared just as we were about to leave and reversed into his space with slightly less precision (according to Genital Reminder anyway).
There were yet more misdemeanours noted in the car park as the Amateur was sporting some garish footwear and Dr Whiplash had "styled" his barnet with some hair product or another.
Our regular GM had gone AWOL, so in his new shoes, the Amateur stepped up to the mark, asked a few questions and handed over to Lassie for tonight's rules.
We finally set off, only to come to an abrupt stop as Who's The Daddy crossed the main road. Someone had obviously NOT been listening! Astounded and amused, we let him check it out alone.
The Amateur, Batman & myself headed up a precarious road route only to be called back down towards Dave's Garden Centre. We soon had to slow to a walk for the oncoming horse but Demon Dog tried to spook it anyway.
A mixture of on and off road early on, some clever trail-laying by Lassie causing confusion in the fields but we soon got back on track, Cinderella was asking how not to fail her driving test and we were rewarded with mini eggs and Love Hearts at the 1st HH.
Shag's presbyopia prevented him from reading the messages but with a good throw he can catch one with no hands. Doggy Fashion, believing it all to be in the throw, complained when her sweet hit the ground.
Copulation and Leg Over were messing around with stones but Copulation came off worse and ended up with a big mud (?) stain on his leg.
Down the road to the next check, where Hash Quack was so far ahead that we could barely see her and she could barely hear us calling her back. Luckily, Annie (the dog) brought her back to heel.
Lots of beautiful scenery again this evening, some long grassy fields and over towards Hindlip Police Headquarters, with a stunning sunset to the right and a chatty Torchy Boy and Doggy Fashion in walking mode.
Festive refreshments at the next HH with hot cross buns, more mini eggs, beers & juices before continuing down the lane and a cheeky check back to slow the FRBs down. Clodhopper was amused by Hash Quack's attempt at short cutting whereas Doggy Fashion was totally shocked at her shenanigans!
Windy Miller and Thing 2 we're struggling with the distance a little - or we're they cleverly abusing Leg Over's braun? Shag tried to "help" the alpha males competed but this only resulted in a head injury for poor Cleopatra.
Over the railway bridge to the next HH to hear tales of Bushwacker's work experience, Doggy Fashion's tales of how misshapen eggs are caused, whilst Copulation relieved himself (number 1).
A little bit more on road through the estate, where Batman took a tumble that slowed him down, Hash Quack said it was down to the wrong trousers. Back over the railway line, where luckily there were no more casualties although we'd all been a bit slow tonight and we needed to get back for tea so we bypassed the last HH and headed straight back to the on inn, where Copulation relieved himself again (number 2).
Massive thanks to The Swan
Down downs: awarded by Doggy Fashion to Lassie, the Easter Bunny, for his fabulous railway hash complete with mini eggs and hot cross buns; Copulation was charged with relieving himself in a public place; Dr Whiplash for his Something About Mary do; Batman for his serious knee injury; Leg Over for being the professional child-carrier and finally Shag for ABH.
Hot Lips x
Next week: The Button Oak, Button Oak, DY12 3AQ

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