Friday, 13 April 2012

Cleobury Mortimer and later at Ron Hill

# 193

Date: Thursday 12th April 2012

Pub: The Talbot, Cleobury Mortimer (meeting place only)

Food: back at Game Bird’s mum’s
Hare: Game Bird
Visitors: Fiona & Ellie
Virgins: None
Food: Stew with potatoes, carrots & bread, followed by cake, cheesecake & cheese & biscuits, all of the homemade variety, courtesy of Game Bird’s mum & Game Bird
Drinks: courtesy of Shag’s bar
Donations: food & drink monies donated to the Salvation Army

Trail: 25 hashers tonight for a 4.8 mile, apparently “flat” trail.  Ha ha, that Bird’s certainly got a sense of humour as it soon became obvious that this was to be a very hilly run, with lots of wildlife along the way and some fantastic views & scenery.  There was a little foul play from Cleopatra at the first hash halt but revenge was served cold with a dip in a puddle!
Thanks and cheers to Game Bird’s mum for the wonderful hospitality
Down downs: by the Saint to Game Bird for her trail; the Pro for coming 2nd in the Ironbridge half marathon last weekend (well done!); Ellie for  her occasional visit; Cleopatra for cleaning her “soiled” shoe on Crossdresser’s leg; Crossdresser and Eamon for retaliation with the cold dip and Hard On for doin’ his thong!

Hot Lips

P.s. Wyre Forest HHH hoodies are now available!
Mens £25 each, ladies £23 each, see the Amateur or the Pro for details

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  1. Great Beer choice shag and even greater cake Game Bird!


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