Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hash Report Habberley Golf club April 2012

# 192

Date: Thursday 5th April 2012
Pub: Habberley Golf Club
Hare: Just Helen
Visitors: Martin & Ethan
Virgins: None
Beers: Banks’s Bitter & Mild, Murphys, Stowford Press Cider, bottled beers/ales 
Food: Gammon & pineapple / Mediterranean vegetable nut roast, salad & chips

Trail: 21 hashers (most of whom were in fancy dress with a doctors/nurses/school/college theme to celebrate the hare’s graduation).  Approximately a 4-mile trail around Low and High  Habberley, and Habberley Valley with quite a few false trails.  Refreshments halfway round probably caused a bit of unruliness, as the hashers were more concerned over the name of one of the rocks rather than picking up the trail again!  A final halt at Pecketts Rock saw some of the hashers climb to the top in search of the Devil’s Armchair – thankfully, no one was lost.

Down downs: the hare, also christened Hot Lips; Game Bird for flashing her PE knickers, Cyclopath for announcing that she will be running the London Marathon this year and Pete (?Compost) for actually turning up to a hash - it’s been a long time!

Hot Lips (Ne Just Helen!)

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