Friday, 20 April 2012

The Red Man, Kidderminster

# 194

Date: Thursday 19th April 2012
Pub: The Red Man, Kidderminster
Food: Buffet
Beers: Timothy Taylor Landlord, Green King IPA, Hobgoblin, Enville Ale
Virgins: none
Visitors: none
Hare: Wrong!
Trail: The rain did not put people off tonight and 22 people turned up for a wonderful albeit very wet hash!   3 hash halts and plenty of Haribo sweets to keep us going (plus skittles, courtesy of Hard On).  I did have migraine symptoms at the first hash halt but these had disappeared by the second – proof that exercise is good for you!  A slightly flatter run this evening, starting out through the town centre, running along the canal, over to Marlpool and Puxton Marsh, where there was much entertainment as we watched each other running/struggling through the marshland.  Most managed to get through relatively unscathed, with just a few soggy feet, however Tits or Treats appeared to walk on water!  Young Ethan seemed poised to give Doggy Fashion a piggy back but Shag came to her rescue… or so she thought… he carried her across but took a tumble halfway through and poor Doggy Fashion looked more like she was doing the dying fly!!
Down Downs: by the Saint to Wrong! for his fantastic, wet hashAlso for bullying 1st splash goes to Lassie, 2nd splash to Shag for playing the Saint,  and 3rd to Crossdresser for spectacularly splashing Hash Quack, and finally the Pro for the worst parking and Tits or Treats for walking on water!

Good Luck to Cyclopath who is running the London Marathon on Sunday. Why not sign up for her online sponsorship form at

Next week: 7pm from The Lock in Wolverley.

Hot Lips


  1. What a wet one! Oh but what good grub! 3rds of pudding, what a result

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