Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Hill Tavern, Clent

# 199

Date: Thursday 24th May
Pub: The Hill Tavern, Clent
Food/drinks: Sandwiches & chips (served with a side order of scorn)
Hare: Tits or Treats

Trail: Tits or Treats couldn’t really give many details away about tonight’s hash, I think she maybe spent too much time in the sunshine this afternoon but 19 hashers and 4 dogs had a wonderfully hilly climb around the Clent hills on this fine summer’s evening.  A steep incline at the start, with lots of checks and some confusion.  A beautiful view from the top – a perfect place for a hash halt – oh, wait, there was one???  Back down and round to the next halt where (some of) the FRB’s were challenged to downing a bottle of beer for missing the first.  Round through the woods, where we encountered another group of similarly kitted out folk trying to give out false directions.  Are you?  Hmmm!  It became apparent at the next halt that Tough Love had fallen; raising delight at his plight rather than concern for his injury.  Of course, there are always sweets to take your mind off things!  Clodhopper also had suspiciously dirty knees although denied falling.  Down towards the castle, where a short but steep detour to view the bluebells found the Amateur taking a shortcut; he obviously isn’t one for flowers.  A group photo in front of the castle seemed almost impossible due to Spotted Dick’s distracting rings.

Doggy Fashion opted, diplomatically, to skip item one this evening, rather than to observe a minute’s silence; then awarded down downs to the Hare for her wonderful trail; but commented on Tits or Treats and the Pro’s artistic differences; Tough Love for his obvious fall (bloodied knee); Clodhopper for his suspected fall (dirty knees); Spotted Dick for his interesting attire of virgin socks, luminous vest, and once removed, his nipple rings; and the Italian Job for stealing drinks.  Doggy Fashion should have awarded one to herself for stealing a wee at the start!

Hot Lips

Next week: Wyre Forest’s 200th hash from The Duke William - patriotic fancy dress

Hash weekend: 12th & 13th October at Kington – see Doggy Fashion for more details

Wyre Forest H3 hoodies still available – see the Amateur or the Pro for details

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