Friday, 18 May 2012

The Rock Tavern, Wilden

# 198

Date: Thursday 17th May 2012
Pub: The Rock Tavern, Wilden
Food: Un-boring sandwiches and chips
Beers: HPA, Tribute & Aspalls cider
Virgins: none
Visitors: Alan
Hare: Lassie

Trail: approximately 25 hashers and a couple of Labradors this evening (a rough guesstimate as I forgot to count at the start – oops! Thankfully, nearly all stayed for the food so that was able to be rectified later).  A lovely, warm, dry run this evening, starting out along the old railway line, winding down to Hartlebury, through what looked like someone’s back garden and where a few false trails caused us to temporarily lose a couple of the cocky front runners.  From Hartlebury up to Lincomb, where some of the residents at the caravan park wondered what on earth was going on?!  Down to Lincomb Lock then back across the common where Hash Quack’s fan club were waiting to cheer her on (maybe they had a secret supply of nibbles for her?)  4 Hash halts this evening with a range of the more traditional sweets but of course, Hard On brought his own supply too.  Lots of pics taken by the hash flash – hope they make it onto here…  

Thanks to the Rock Tavern for the wonderful selection of sandwiches plus a tour of the caves too.

Down Downs: our newly appointed RA was doing a recital somewhere else this evening but Crossdresser stepped up to the mark to award them to the hare for his flat run, only lightly dusted with flour; The Italian Job - 2nd week running for this young buck but his enthusiasm backfired on him this time; Who’s the Daddy – despite the new club vest, still managed to join Italian Job in tonight’s Lost Losers Club; Hard On – the Childline award for failing to notice his son was missing at the first hash halt and finally to Wrong for his impromptu massage at the last hash halt.  A special mention to Hard On for not knowing where TBA is… Is there any hope?

Hot Lips

Next week: The Hill Tavern, Clent

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