Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Station Inn, Hagley


Date: Thursday 10th May 2012
Pub: The Station Inn, Hagley
Food: off the menu
Beers: Marston’s beers
Virgins: Luke & Rob
Visitors: none

Hare: Clodhopper

Trail: 25 hashers (including 2 children) plus 3 dogs tonight for what was advertised as a 5 mile, flat run – proof that men have no idea of measures as it was actually clocked as a 7 mile run by the front-runners! A lovely trail  through the beautiful houses in Hagley, through the countryside down to Churchill and Blakedown, crossing the railway line a couple of times (leaving noone on the tracks!), looping back around through the rapeseed fields with another trip around the houses and back to the Station. The obligatory sweets (including aero bubbles – yummy!) at all 3 hash halts plus another hard and soft selection from Hard On.

Down downs: awarded by Doggy Fashion to the Hare, Hopscotch for her spectacular fall from a stile and virgins, Rob and Luke.

Namings: Ethan as “Tough Love” after showing his father no mercy as he prepares for his marathon, David (Ethan’s dad) as “Who’s the Daddy?” as noone has ever really known his name until tonight (despite everyone knowing Ethan’s – see previous blogs) and Luke as “The Italian Job” named quickly before he “joins up” in September.

Special mentions: to Trenchfoot and Luke for their shortcuts, Hash Quack noted for leaving her crusts at a previous hash buffet and consequently now is also known as Dr Nibbles, and for Hard On for 1) falling into an electric fence, 2) wearing his socks on the wrong feet (despite them being clearly labelled!) and 3) for his ongoing supply of sweets!

Best wishes from all to The Saint – wishing you a speedy recovery!

Next week: The Rock Tavern, Wilden

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