Friday, 23 August 2013

The Harbour, Arley

# 267

Date: Thursday 15th August 2013
Pub: The Harbour, Arley
Beer: Wye Valley, Robinsons cider, “special” lime & soda (well, it ought to be special at £2.50 a pint!!!!)
Food: off the menu 
Hare: Wrong
Virgins: Liz & Andy (Big Bang)
Visitors: none

Trail: I dow think the buz would get dowun this big ‘ill, dun yow?

A bostin’ trail this evening, no wammals neither so no worries of upsetting the angry farmer. A spin off group (the diplomatic crew) went for a walk around Eymore woods whilst the rest of us followed combinations of timber and wheat based derivatives. Extra marks were laid along the way, which obviously helped Legover for his late arrival.

Starting out running down to the river, following the path across the field and up to the farm to the first HH, where we were treated to swarms of flying ants causing us all to move on across the railway track. Most of us got caught out with the next part of the trail, having moved the HH, so we all headed back down to the farm and up the field past the ‘osses. 

Over a stile and up through the caravan park, with our very own well-wishers cheering us along. Noticing that Shag had not caught up, the Pro & I ran with Ollie and I said I’d keep an eye out for him, encouraging him to keep up the pace. Up the lane to the 2nd HH, with some lovely sour jelly sweets & a couple of spectators. Wrong reminded us yet again NOT to go through a cross – something tells me the angry farmer is close by.

Down the lane this time, cutting off through some more fields. Bushwacker & Russell Sprout were jumping fences & stiles and I thought I could do it too… right up until I had started my leap… when my confidence faltered at the worst possible moment… Needless to say, I just about made it over the stile but landed in a heap on the floor on the other side. Young Ollie was now looking after me!

Battered and bruised I made it to the 3rd HH, where the lovers were arm in arm (again). We were treated to sweets and drinks at this one! Back along the lane, down towards the river again, cutting off through a field where Clodhopper became “wheat at the knees.” The young ‘uns soon slowed down after their earlier energetic escapades and caused a bit of a jam but were soon to be overtaken. Legover appeared out of nowhere and sprinted to the on inn whilst the rest of us enjoyed the quick descent through the grassy fields.

Down downs: Wrong for his bostin’ ‘ash plus sweets and drinks; Hot Lips for “waking up the ****ing RA last week plus her attempt at being wonderwoman this evening (it really wasn’t wonderful at all); Compost for copping out with his “bad nad” groin strain; our virgins: Andy (big Bang) and Liz; and finally to the Amateur for his extra nipple.

Hot Lips x

Next week: Brookfield House, Wolverley (Cinderella’s birthday BBQ afterwards)

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