Monday, 23 September 2013

The Sun, Romsley

# 272

Date: Thursday 19th September 2013
Pub: The Sun, Romsley
Beer: Hobgoblin, Black Diamond, Pedigree, Symonds cider
2 for 1 off the menu
“Captain Kidd” Clodhopperrrr

Ahoy me hearrrties! It’s international talk like a pirate day. All hope abandon, ye who enter here… 

The 3 buccaneers: Blackbeard, Captain Jack Sparrow & Georgette “Cutlass Rattler” Blamey, plus Long John Skywalker & Lassie “Calico Jack” dressed up for the occasion o’ setting tonight’s hash asail. The rest o’ the landlubbers had missed this verrrry imporrrrtant inforrrrmation an’ looked verrrrry confused to say the least. Let’s see who sails an’ who gets tossed overboard shall we…? 

A perrrrfect trail from Captain “Kidd” Clodhopperrrr this evening, set in wood-based derrrrrivatives an’ mostly off road, as we like it. Lots of checking out, lots of falsies an’ lots of sawdust (for a change). Heading down from the Sun, through Romsley, before cutting off into the countryside for some jolly japes.

Swashbucklers Copulation, Lassie “Calico Jack” an’ the Amateur nearly always out front but Clodhopperrrr had some tricks up his sleeve to slow ‘em down. Groans from the masses as we took the trail into the woods, only to find ourselves looping back out into the fields again – arrrgh!

Lots of talk about sex and exploding corpses from buccaneers Shag and Doggy Fashion, both of whom, it seems, can make a story out o’ just about anything. There was a beautiful low harvest moon, with some perrrrrfect photo oporrrrtunities – luckily not all of them ended up on my phone.

There were 3 Hash Halts, with rationed loot at each one (apart from the smuggled delights at the final HH). Blackbeard tried to get us to walk the plank at any given opportunity, whilst the old sea dog Wrong was happy to jump in the water to disguise the fact he needed to relieve himself. He got so desperate he was finally discovered in an uncompromising position.

The final leg saw about half a dozen FRBs going the wrong way. Were they called back? Oh no, let them run. Ha harrrr! Men over board! Arrrr! The uphill back to the on inn saw swashbuckling hashling Long John Skywalker rob Captain Jack Sparrow o’ his prize o’ getting back to the battle cruiser first – get in therrrrrrre me lad!

Grog grog:
given by DF to Clodhopper for being the best hare everrrr; Wrong for tuning into his pirate radio station; Hot Lips for being the best dressed pirate who made no secret of smuggling her gems; Game Bird for the aftermath of last week’s hash by Bubbles and finally to Cinderella for losing one of her garrrments.

Hot Lips x

p.s. find your own pirate name:

The Sun at Romsley Hash by Lassie  Details

Next week: The Fox Inn, Hanley Broadheath, WR15 8QS

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