Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Amateur's Birthday Hash

#296 The Amateur's Birthday Hash

Date: Thursday 27th February 
Pub: The Fox Inn, Hanley Broadheath
Beers: Yes
Food: Really Spicy Chilli, Rice and Chips and Salad Cream
Hares: The Pro and The Amateur
Virgins/Visitors: None


Not many hashers tonight with a distinct lack of Worcester and Kidderminster peeps and only one Rachel! There was a delay setting off waiting for late arrivals and those with Satnav user errors. Our award-winning GM, Crossdresser, was sorely missed as we filed out of the warm pub and just had to get on with it, basically, after a few words from The Pro about the trail. We weren't really sure if there was a hare at all...

We took a left out of the car park, along the main road and left again down the lane, our torch lights catching the snowdrops as we dodged the puddles. Game Bird was wondering if it would be all on roads but soon we were climbing over what was going to be the first of many ¡¡GATES!! and we were in a muddy field.

There were plenty of neat, circular checks to keep Coplulation happy after a few weeks off and eventually we reached the first hash halt. Our numbers were boosted with the surprise appearance of Tits or Treats who was waiting patiently for us. Tangfastics were handed round as there was more discussion of footwear. Bristols' recent purchase was admired and The Pro told us the only evidence she had that The Amateur had left to lay the trail was that he'd run off with her right trainer.

ON ON we went as it was getting too cold to hang around and there was talk of another part-timer, Legover, appearing at the next hash halt. There were lots more muddy fields, massive puddles, ¡¡GATES!! and tricky stiles before stopping for a rest and more sweets. 

At some point, Game Bird must have had a little rest on a muddy stile, as she was running around with a mud butterfly printed on her backside. The flour seemed harder to find for the rest of the hash as we headed towards the farm for a third hash halt. There was a visit to the petting zoo with the baby Herefordshire calves the star attraction. Aaaahhhh.

The front runners missed this treat and also failed to find any flour on the scenic route back to the pub, so just went along the lanes instead. Legover was having a pint with the hare after deciding to def it after all.

Down downs:

Doggy Fashion awarded The Amateur a whole pint of beer for being the birthday boy as well as the Phantom Hare. Game Bird got one for looking like she'd had a spicy vege chilli before the hash, thanks to her bottom print. Legover nearly got one for having a pint instead of joining us but Doggy Fashion decided he didn't deserve it. Who's the Daddy got one too which he downed very quickly, but I can't remember why and it doesn't say on the notes. Anybody?

Cleopatra x

Next week: Northwick Arms,Worcester

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