Monday, 31 March 2014

Hare & Hounds, Broadwaters

300th Birthday Hash PART 1!
Date: Thursday 20th March
Pub: The Hare and Hounds, Broadwaters, Kidderminster
Beers: 'Bit rubbish', according to source. John Smiths, Guinness, Theakstons Smooth 
Food: Meat/vege curry with rice, naan and a bhaji
Hares: Wrong and Clodhopper
Visitors/virgins: none
Yet again there was general chaos as the 25 or so (actually lots more) special edition green t-shirted hashers and hashlings gathered in the car park without our GM. Who was at a GM. We were briefly entertained by a domestic incident as Bubbles had arrived early - at the wrong pub. Clearly this was Game Bird's fault.
Just as we thought we'd got the final count for food, there were yet more latecomers...and there was an almost audible sigh of relief that there was no demon dog amongst them.
We set off along the Stourbridge Road following a trail of shavings, taking a left up the hill. There were discussions about present etiquette as some had bothered to bring one and others hadn't ‪#‎awkward‬.
Wrong had definitely chosen this part of the trail as we did a little loop round the houses and back towards Sion Hill and to the fields beyond. There was a conference call with another late arrival, Hot Lips, who was going to meet us at the second hash halt. Logistics were discussed, watches were synced and we carried on our way.
We nearly missed the first hash halt but thanks to beady-eyed Dr Whiplash, the HH was spotted in the undergrowth at the bottom of the hill. Wrong pulled a selection of branded treats out of his jacket as we stopped for a rest.
After setting off, it became apparent that the Demon Dog had been replaced by Demon Youths (Torchy, Russell Sprout, Darth Radar and Jack) this evening, as their high jinks nearly knocked us old folk over. And then there was the molehill incident.
Hot Lips joined the group seamlessly as we headed along the stream towards Springfield Park and I shall let her take over seamlessly from here.
Cleopatra x

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