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The Manor Arms, Abberley

# 299
Date: Thursday 13th March
Pub: The Manor Arms, Abberley
Beers: HPA, Tribute, Twisted Spire, Manor Arms Ale and Robinson’s cider
Food: (expensive but lovely) meat/veggie chilli & rice (bread & olives for the latecomers)
Hares: Hash Quack & Get Down Shep
Visitors/virgins: none
Trail: a Hash Quack special!
15 hashers and a couple of canines met up on this cool, starry evening, ready for a Hash Quack special off-road marathon. Game Bird was dispensing loot from her car boot whilst we all battled for a parking space on the car park. It was a welcome return for Crossdresser, who’s been off hobnobbing with the stars… and now relieved to be back home with his very own Wyre Forest H3 superstars.
Hash Quack almost forgot to let us in on tonight’s details (I think the rather pricey posh nosh had put her off her stride). The only thing we all know is – it’s gonna be a long one!!!!
And so, everyone ran off in different directions but I spotted Get Down Shep sauntering down the hill, so I surreptitiously called Cyclopath and Cleopatra this way and we giggled behind him!
The Amateur was back with the horn tonight, although the Pro wasn’t joining us until later. He and Copulation were the usual FRBs extraordinaire, managing to get ahead at any given opportunity. There was lots of off road, lots of hills, not a lot of flour at the start, some sweets at the first HH, although Hash Quack seemed to be in a hurry to get us to check it out - presumably to ensure we were back home before breakfast!
Out into the open and across a (…nother very wet) field, only to be met with a hedge and no check (tut tut). I was the only fool to check down the hill, whilst everyone else went up (of course). Clodhopper was on standby to uphold the wobbly gate, whilst we all clambered over – or in Demon Dog;s case, under.

Torchy Boy proclaimed, “this is a Rachel hash!” and headed off up the hill, only to be proved right! Who’s the Daddy was calling “don’t look up” as we headed up a long incline, the almost full moon and stars lighting our way. This sounds very poetic, of course, but the truth is, the muddy path really had us sliding all over the place!
Up to the top of Abberley Hill and a lovely winding run through the woods. Lots of calling (for a change), although the calls from the front got further & further away… I love running along paths like this, mind; Cleopatra loves it too! Down a set of stairs to the road and HH number 2 where Get Down Shep sought out the refreshments – juice, beers and some rather delicious peach rings, resulting in a humbs up from everyone!
A short trip along the road, before cutting back onto some more slushy fields. A bit of chaos as we all lost the trail, only to be called back by Hash Quack. Across another wet field, where the next HH was a mere formality in order to regroup, before we were sent off again, without sweets, through the gate. It wasn’t long before we picked up the (newly refurbished) On Inn for our posh nosh.
Down downs: awarded by Doggy Fashion to Hash Quack and Get Down Shep for their wonderful hash, despite Get Down Shep displaying blatant disregard for the rules of hashing (namely, getting the hashers to find the way for themselves); Crossdresser for returning from his nob-hugging and finally to Who’s the Daddy for his pub step contortions.
Hot Lips x
Next week: The Hare & Hounds, Broadwaters, Kidderminster, DY10 2UL

Good luck to all of you doing GREAT things with your races, duathlons and triathlons etc – I’m entering my first 5K race this Sunday! Woo hoo! (Gotta start somewhere!)
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