Sunday, 1 June 2014

Chez Game Bird

Hash 310
Date: Thursday 29th May 2014
Venue: Chez Game Bird
Beer: Pure Gold
Food: veggie risotto, chicken
Hares: Game Bird & Leg Over
Visitors/virgins: lots & lots
Trail: Game Bird's tri for a laugh hash

Lots of very colourful hashers turned up donning various items of fancy dress for tonight's run-swim-mudathon. Crossdresser had noted Bubbles's socialist swing to the left but that was merely due to his new eye patch.
Dr Whiplash was really the only one properly dressed for the occasion and was NOT really upstaged by Crossdresser nor Genital Reminder, although the latter seemed to cause a bit of a stir later on...
The Pro & Bristols looked rather fetching in their bikinis, Say No More opted for a more discreet look, whilst Doggy Fashion went the other way and opted for every look going!
There were lots of hashlings, new & old, plus the newbies, who (amazingly) didn't show too many outward signs of bemusement, opting instead for polite smiles.
Who's The Daddy almost did a stirling job of introducing the proceedings (there were lots of new hashlings after all, so we'll let him off) before handing over to the hare... who wasn't running. Game Bird mentioned something about flour & it being mostly off road & that she was staying at home, leaving us in a Leg Over's capable hands...
And so, off from the starting blocks, heading off up the road and up nettle alley where squeals were heard from many scantily clad hashers and Sprout was seen being hauled away upside down by Bushwacker.
The next leg was the muddy field where Darth Radar lost his shoe and we were lucky not to lose a tiny hashling! Leg Over arrived to help us across the road whilst his big brother was now prancing around in his smalls! Bubbles was relishing the fact that Crossdresser was turning right and soon forgot his deceptive ploy.
Down to the river and a very muddy path where Lost Skywalker was helped to stay out of the drink but the newbies's brand new trainers were taking a bit of a bashing.
HH1 saw some bare trunks, some Haribo & some maltesers whilst hearing about double wrappers, fake tan & Himalayan Balsam.
Leg Over again helped us across the road but the Amateur struggled to pick up the trail due to inclement weather conditions for this time of year. We obviously encountered more mud, once we'd got the right trail, and the newbies's shoes were put to the test once again. There were those who were skirting around the edges and then there were those who chose the full on running through the thick of it.
There was much confusion again at the bridge, was this a hash halt? No one had really seen much flour but Bubbles pointed out a flower and so we went that way...
HH2 was at the watering hole, where Shag the pirate (or maybe just an able sea man) was spotted relaxing, dipping his toes in whilst Bubbles handed out the apple loops.
On on up the hill to find the next HH cast down in sawdust (??!!) It was here that Bubbles couldn't even be bothered to share out the sweets, instead opting for a minion to do the honours. Some had not even seen the sign so it wasn't long before we were off again.
Up the hill and looping back to a previous part of the hash, a final HH and an instruction for us to hurry back for tea. Clodhopper & Lassie were racing each other, Copulation was skipping with his smallest and Leg Over just couldn't help himself by getting ahead of the pack.
Tonight's on inn was back at Game Bird's pad, where she'd enrolled yet more help, this time from her mum & Mrs Doyle. A great hash with an even greater after show party, massive thanks!

Down downs: awarded by Crossdresser to Game Bird & Leg Over for the worst hash ever as Game Bird was the hare who wasn't there, there were no beers either but Bubbles couldn't help getting involved - even if it was to get us lost! The sting in the tail was the nearly nude dress code and lots of nettles.
Almost all of the newbies got a mention: Kirsty, Will, Jody, Amber... Would they have still come in their brand new running gear & footwear had they known just how muddy it was going to be? Jody did well as a front runner for most of the trail too!
Little Eagle Eyes got one for almost being forgotten - on more than one occasion!
Dr Whiplash for donating the barrel of Pure Gold despite only being able to pour a dribble.
Genital Reminder for having the body of a Greek God (who's let himself go!)
And finally to Mrs Doyle for the food go on go on go on go on, you will you will you will you will.
Hot Lips x

Next week: The Hop Pole, Bewdley, DY12 2QH

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