Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Swan, Chaddesley Corbett

Date: Thursday 22nd May 2014
Venue: The Swan, Chaddesley Corbett
Beer: Bathams
Food: sandwiches, pork pies and chips
Hares: Crossdresser and Early Riser
Virgins/visitors: Dan - would we call him a virgin/visitor? He deserves a mention, I think.

As the less-than-25-or-so hashers gathered in the car park with dark clouds threatening above, there was much debate as to whether we were going to stay dry...and then Genital Reminder revealed that his shorts were, in fact, already wet. He quickly sorted this out with a tactical tying of his top around his waist, Who's the Daddy restored calm, Dr Whiplash finished his half and we listened to Crossdresser's words about the trail.
Shortly after setting off, Annie the dog staged a dirty protest on a neatly manicured lawn causing much embarrassment to Comes First and In the Bush. The rest of us sniggered while we tried, in vain, to look for flour that had been washed away.
Russell Sprout soon regretted winding up fellow hashers as Copulation responded with rapid initial restraint into a pile of poo.
This was a few days ago now and I can't remember much and my photos aren't really helping me...but I'll never forget the stampeding cattle and Clodhopper's masterful cow herding skills. Amazing.
I remember Crossdresser pointing out patchy checks and Early Riser sending me off in the wrong direction...and the cutest pony in the world...along with some jumpy horses who were tamed by equally amazing Bubbles the horse whisperer.
We had some nice beer, Copulation did an amazing impression of our Iron Men through a traffic cone and there was some competitive planking at a hash halt.
But I don't remember why Crossdresser has written 'Imelda Marcos...Nic' in his notes. Soz.
Down downs:

Awarded by Crossdresser to himself and Early Riser for the best hash ever! Why does it say 'boobs' on the notes? Also to Comes First/in the Bush for Annie's deposit on the lawn, Clodhopper for his epic cow herding, Imelda Marcos Nic and Dan for planking with Wrong. Legover and Bubbles didn't get one for their attention seeking behaviour and neither did James for saying the RA wasn't funny enough.
Sorry, Hot Lips, I don't feel I've given it my all...I promise to try harder next time!
Cleopatra x
Next week: Kim's house, swimwear fancy dress.
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